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Mining and Process Engineering Student Society

The mining and processes industry is the backbone of the Namibian economy at large, hence it is inextricably linked to our socio-politico and economic development nationally and internationally. Namibia is ranked as the best mining investment destination on the African continent by the Frasier Institute (Africa has 52 countries), and over the years more mining companies have flocked to Namibia for exploration and exploitation of minerals. This demonstrates the significance and job opportunities the mining sector creates directly and indirectly for the Namibian society.

However, Namibia continues to suffer from the dire shortage of human expertise for the mineral industry. Mining and Processes engineers continue to be in short supply for a rapidly expanding industry, and this has been identified as a major threat to the industry growth.

The NUST Mining and Processes Society (here after referred to as ‘the society’) in the Namibia University of Science and Technology wants to ensure that the standard of communication amongst members is upheld on and off campus.

The society also wants to ensure that every student pursuing a career in the field of Mining and Processes engineering is taught and trained to be the best candidate for stakeholders in the mineral exploration and exploitation field.

The society strives to create and maintain a communication link between students and the industry.

The mission of the society is to assist, guide, motivate and support students studying Mining and Processes Engineering to be responsive and competitive for the present and future market demand.

Maintain the high standard of technical capability and personal upgrade to students in the meadow of mineral exploration and exploitation; by extracting opportunities i.e.
exchange programs, internships and conferences for our members to prepare themselves for the future demands in the field of mineral exploration and exploitation.

The objectives of the society are to:
1. Acquire more knowledge about the Mining and Processes through programs e.g. exchange programs and motivational conferences.
2. Research and provide students with extra information and skills in the field of Mining and Processes, areas of decision making, Policy Analysis, Public Speaking.
3. Seek internship and practical opportunities for members of the society.
4. Expose and market the society to the Mining and Processes industry as a whole.
5. To become representatives of the Mining and Metallurgical Engineering course in general.
6. To seek financial support and sponsorship for the society’s activities

The specific aims of the society are to
1. Provide the platform for public lectures and seminar aimed at educating students with related courses about the current events in the management world.
2. To create out-reach programmes for potential school learners who want to pursue a career in Mining and Processes engineering.
3. Unite students to co-operate towards identifying and solving issues faced in the field of Mining and Processes.
4. To create a pertaining passion for Mining and Processes within the society’s members.

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