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Land and Property Sciences Student Society

The purpose of this Society is:

  • Develop and keep up the novel assemblage of scholarship particular to land administration best practices, standards, property sciences, related advances and development,
  • Encourage the correspondence and utilization of this information on and off campus,
  • Advance the progression of and cater for the best advantages of the Department of Land and Property Sciences understudies, by encouraging sociability among understudies, instructors and the department overall by methods of open talks, braais, outings, and foreign exchange and connections with global Universities,
  • Promote arrangements and methodology which guarantee the prescribed procedures in to best practices in land administration, property sciences, related technology and innovation in a worldwide point of view,
  • Encourage elevated requirements for proficient execution of land, property science and related innovative experts and go about as the expert association for people who meet these measures,
  • Foster training programs at all levels of land organization standards, property sciences and their innovations and further the nature of such projects,
  • Cultivate and energize working relations with different experts among recruiting organizations, understudies, personnel, staff and associates of the Society,
  • Speak to all understudies in all programs in the Department of Land and Property Sciences and go about as a voice for the interests, sentiments, and worries of that understudy body of the Department of Land and Property Sciences,
  • Represent the calling out in the public policy development,

The assets of this Society will be committed to the quest for science, and will, under dissolution of the Society, be circulated to at least one logical or expert associations devoted to best practices in land administration, property sciences and related technology.



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