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Anglican Students' Society on Campus


Our Vision is to be a vibrant God-centered Anglican Students Society, clearly growing spiritually, numerically and holistically. We have a long mission of bringing students together to explore how to live out a radical faith in today's world regardless of age, ethnic origin, ability, sex, belief or political affiliation recognizing the value of our many differences.


• Promote worship among students at the Namibia University of science and technology.
• Deal with spiritual problems facing students both at NUST and other institutions country-wide.
• Promote students interaction with each other and with God.
• Proclaim the Gospel of Christ.
• To show that we as Christians are called to be united and to be one in Christ.
• To exercise a prophetic role, particularly in discerning and speaking out against the evils in our society.
• To make our existence known as Christians in the society in which we live.
• Encourage people to live out the practical implications of being Christians in our society.


As a student society, we help our member students to not forget their purpose of being at NUST through different programs we made just for the students in the club:

1. Out-reaches\ voluntarily work

2. Educational workshops

3. Co-operative study

4. Evangelism (bible studies, choirs and drama)


Membership shall be of the three categories namely:

Registered student Membership: All students complying with the requirements of being legal student members shall together constitute the student Membership. Members at institutions of tertiary education shall constitute ANSOC. Membership shall be renewed annually by the payment of affiliation fees, which will be determined by the BEC. The BEC shall have power to review membership.

Friends Membership: All former students at tertiary institutions are eligible for Friends membership in the Society. In addition Sister Societies’ members may through formal registration with the ANSOC Secretary and Treasurer, apply to be Friends of ANSOC.

Associate Membership: Individuals who are not registered students who express an interest in membership in the Society may be granted associate membership in the Society. Associate members may not hold office or vote on matters of the Society. The conditions of such membership shall be determined by the BEC.


Society number: 0813841955
Society chairperson: 0815664119
Hendrick Hedimbi 
Email address:



Student Society Registration

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