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Dear members and friends of the Society,

I am happy to introduce to you the Muhoko @ NUST Society. Last year, Muhoko had the unique opportunity to successfully showcase its first ever prototypes at the Windhoek showgrounds. In addition, Muhoko won best prototype development in our first year during the Computer and informatics faculty research at Namibia University of Science and Technology against master students. This were extremely amazing and positive experiences, and I want to thank the organizers and all individuals that helped us along the way.
Muhoko is a group of first years that took the first step to innovation instead of waiting to be told on what to do. We took initiative to create a computer-based game called Muhoko Runner, this game set inventiveness to a blast. As we move along the days Muhoko became a trailblazer for young innovators to follow, thru the development of prototyping mobile applications, that did not only improve individuals at large but communities also. Muhoko is a path one shadows as its made up of different environments and cultures. We have a Namibian culture, Malawian, Angolan, Kenyan and not limited to Zambian environment.  In short Muhoko is a scientific test tube with an African heritage of creativeness.

Muhoko at NUST Society plans on amplifying its trail and path of innovativeness to anyone interested in an environment with a major rule of ‘’if you want it, you have to dream it and then build it for one to be able to play it’’. For many years people perished with their ideas of greatness with a major reason of not STARTING but procrastinating because time did not feel right. The society is the starting point of greatness as to it, time is just another challenge that needs to be mastered and together in the society with all our differences in our backgrounds we will conquer all that stand in our way.

Muhoko is a group of first years that are innovative and the society aim is to keep it that way. ‘’Influence an eagle with chickens and it will leave its life believing it can never fly, influence students with Muhoko ignite resourcefulness.”, and I quote Victor P Nendongo.



Muhoko @ NUST Society vision statement is:
To create a trailblaze, building a path for young innovators, with its ambition to create a change in technological society of Africa and beyond. To be able to impart members with socializing skills, programming knowledge and teamwork skills when they are challenged with working in groups.


To remain ambitious and to encourage the youth, to spear head technology, creating a platform for innovators.
The society will strive to bring students together from diverse backgrounds, and to unite them under the common objective of teamwork, learning, sharing and creating morally efficient programing and software development literate people.


The aims and objectives for of the society to its intended audience shall be;
a) To create an open and clear understanding on programming Languages and tools.
b) To promote discussion about content challenging NUST programming students both junior and seniors.
c)  To assist the Faculty of Computing and Informatics to produce exceptional programmers.
d) To promote independent entrepreneurial minded programmers and future CEOs.
e) To prepare students for a competitive development world of technology locally, nationally and international.
f) Provide internship opportunities to members.


Simeon Shetuuka Simeo
Major: Computer Science
Cell: 0816737074
Executive Secretary
Isaac Vertino Lucio
Major: Computer Science
Cell: 0816303555
Victor Panduleni Nendongo
Major: Informatics
Cell: 0812868003



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