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NUST Marketing Society


Welcome to the NUST Marketing Society at the Namibia University of Science and Technology – your gateway to a vibrant community of aspiring marketers dedicated to excellence in both academic and professional spheres. Established with the vision of fostering a dynamic learning environment and nurturing future marketing leaders, our society offers a platform for students to engage, collaborate, and thrive in the exciting world of marketing.



Our society is committed to achieving the following goals, aims, and objectives:

  1. To facilitate continuous learning and knowledge enhancement through workshops, seminars, and guest speaker sessions, covering a wide range of marketing topics and trends.
  2. To provide opportunities for students to develop practical skills essential for success in the marketing industry, including digital marketing, market research, branding, and strategic planning.
  3. To create networking opportunities and foster collaboration among students, industry professionals, and academic experts, promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences.
  4. To support students in their professional growth and career development by offering resources, guidance, and mentorship opportunities.
  5. To encourage community engagement and social responsibility among members through participation in outreach programs, volunteer initiatives, and philanthropic activities.
  6. To empower students to serve as brand ambassadors for the institution, faculty, and department.



The mission of the Marketing Student Society at NUST is to cultivate a dynamic and inclusive community of aspiring marketers dedicated to excellence in academia, professional development, and community engagement. We strive to provide opportunities for continuous learning, skill development, and networking, empowering our members to become innovative and socially responsible leaders in the field of marketing.



Our vision is to be recognised as a premier student society that fosters the growth and success of future marketing professionals. We aim to inspire and empower our members to embrace creativity, collaboration, and ethical principles in their pursuit of excellence. Through our commitment to education, innovation, and community impact, we aspire to shape the future of marketing and make a positive difference in the world.



Through our initiatives and activities, we aim to make a meaningful impact on the academic, professional, and personal growth of our members. By equipping students with relevant knowledge, skills, and opportunities, we empower them to become confident, innovative, and socially responsible marketers who can drive positive change in the marketing industry and beyond.


PLEDGE: Members of the Marketing Society pledge to actively promote the society and its activities to other students within the university and to actively grow the membership base of the society and its social media pages.


Join us on this exciting journey as we explore the boundless possibilities of marketing and shape the future of the industry together! Find us on Facebook: NUST Marketing Society





Ms. Cherley Du Plessis
NUST Marketing Society Mentor / Lecturer
T: +264 61 207 2288

Find us on Facebook: NUST Marketing Society


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