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The Africa University Bible Academy (AUBA) NUST SOCIETY is a university society for the World Mission Society Church of God university students which aims at helping students spent their youth in a meaningful and productive manner, by enhancing them to become compassionate, generous and reliable members of the community through the teachings of Heavenly Mother.
It’s currently well known for preaching the Gospel of the New Covenant as well as carrying out tremendous amounts of volunteer activities on a global scale such as clean-up campaigns of different kinds; building of temporary shelters for natural disaster victims; blood-drives; concerts to appreciate public servants such as fire fighters’ cleaners, nurses, etc. and have been awarded with many great and small awards all over the World. A few of the recent top awards are: In 2011, received the President’s Volunteer Service Award from the US government. In 2015, the Church received the Presidential Citation award from the South Korean government. In 2016, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom awarded the Church with the empire’s most prestigious award for volunteerism.
The Queens Award for Voluntary Service, accompanied by the MBE title, standing for Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire – a designation for exemplary organizations. This award is recognized by the 53 members of the Commonwealth of Nations, including Australia, Canada, India, South Africa and Singapore. Through this awards, the Church of God members have recommitted themselves to serving the Global community. All detailed updates and other information are available on the Church website, is external).


To make known the truth about Heavenly Mother who is the reality of life that the New Covenant testifies about through the bible.


To become a revolutionized after school activity center for all students, enhancing , inspiring and helping them to build their character, dreams and hope in order to achieve global happiness and make Heavenly Mother the praise of the whole world.

The aims and objectives of the society are:
(a) Revealing Heavenly Mother, the last secret of Heaven.
(b) To share Heavenly Mother’s love with fellow university students
(c) To inspire students through Mother’s teachings and help them build their character, dreams and hope in order to achieve global happiness
(d) Restoring the truth of the New Covenant on campus
(e) Contribute to student life on campus
(f) Give back the sense and touch of life to the hearts of students through Mother’s love.
(g) Initiate the achievement of a happy and clean green environment through clean up campaigns


The management of the AUBA NUST SOCIETY shall vest in an elected Executive Committee that shall compromise of the following five permanent members. These five members will have titles as follows:
1) President
2) Vice President
3) General Secretary
4) Treasurer
5) Public Relation Officer



Josua Haradoeb
Vice President
Lucky Mungunda
General Secretary
Charlize Fredericks
Public Relation Officer
Olivio Santos

Student Society Registration

Mode of Study