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Office of the Registrar

Prof Sifiso Nyathi

Registrar  / 


The Office of the Registrar is responsible for the following main functions and activities at the Namibia University of Science and Technology:

  • Academic administration, including faculty administration, assessment administration, student recordkeeping and meetings administration and governance.


Email us at:


Ms Selma Heelu Assistant Registrar: Academic Administration  
Ms Susan Basson Secretary to the Registrar 207 2118


Admissions and Student Records


1. General:
  • Attend to written, telephonic, personal enquiries regarding application procedures; registration procedures and related matters; admission requirements of all qualifications; rules and regulations regarding student matters.
2. Student Services:
  • Assisting students on the Student I-enabler
  • Printing of proof of registration to current students
  • Printing of academic records to current and ex-students
  • Liaising with external institutions regarding student data
  • Liaising with other departments concerning student data
3. Applications:
  • Maintain the applications and enquiries sub-system cycles on the ITS.
  • Review, design and update all forms needed for the application, admission and registration process.
  • Design and placing in the media of advertisements targeted at attracting new applicants.
  • Manage the functions of dispatching, receiving, checking and sending of applications to Faculty Officers by the Student Information Officer.
  • Capturing of application data.
  • Coordinate the setting of Mathematics and English test papers for Mature Age Papers
  • Invigilate during Mature Age Entry Tests
  • Compiling lists of Mature Age Entry Test Results
4. Registration:
  • Initiate and arrange planning meetings in conjunction with the Registrar/Deputy Registrar.
  • Liaise with Auxiliary Services, the Department of Information and Communications Technology, Finance and academic heads of departments regarding required support services.
  • Co-ordinate the printing and distribution of documentation for registration.
  • Publish registration dates in the local media on time.
5. Student Records:
  • Keeping and updating of Student Records
  • Liaising with other Departments concerning student data


Ms Petro Karutjaiva Senior Admissions Officer
Ms Rachel Hangula Admissions Officer
Mr Javakaije Kasaona Admissions Officer
Mr Grasswa Basson Student Information Officer
Ms Brenda Anton Student Information Officer
Mr Shanville van Rooyen Student Information Officer
Ms Mathilda Kondombolo Student Record Officer
Ms Frieda Tjirongo Student Record Officer


Supervise the governance function of the institution’s governance structures, including the development of rules and statutes and the facilitation and recordkeeping of meetings and decisions, as well as the dissemination thereof.


  • Provide efficient administrative support to the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar in the management of the meetings of Council and Senate and the respective standing and ad-hoc Committees of the Namibia University of Science and Technology.
  • Ensures that an official record of actions and decisions of Council, Senate and its statutory committees are maintained.
  • Assist the Registrar in the implementation of good governance practices in the institution.
  • Develop and Review of Rules and Statutes.
  • Provide secretarial support to Council members in respect of correspondence, e-mail and other administrative matters.
  • Compile appointment letters for Academic Deans and Heads of Departments and their deputies as well as to maintain a record of all academic appointments.



Ms Cynthia Harris Head: Secretarial Services
Ms Beverly Tjejamba Meetings Administrator
Ms Felicitas Tjandero Meetings Administrator
Ms Fiina Namwaapo Acting Meetings Administrator


Assessment Administration

The Examination Department, with a staff complement of 8, offers the students and the academic staff of the Namibia University of Science and Technology support services in so far as administration of formal examination is concerned. This unit, co-ordinated by the Registrar’s Office, aims at providing a controlled, well-organized and safe environment for examinations.



  • Conducting of examinations, which includes:
  • Finalization of June and November examination timetables
  • Assisting students on the Student I-enabler
  • Setting up of examination venues
  • The preparation of examination papers for every examination session
  • Dispatching of examination papers to the Regional Centres / abroad
  • Handling/processing of applications for Remarking and Rechecking
  • Administration of extra writing time for students with special needs Capturing of examination results on ITS
  • Release of examination results after approval by the Executive Committee of Senate (Senex).


Ms Lahija Andima Senior Examinations Officer
Mr Adriaan Cloete Examinations Officer
Ms Colien Cloureen Biwa Examinations Officer
Mr Danzel A. Hanstein Examinations Officer
Ms Aletta Limon Examinations Officer
Ms Salmi Kalo Examinations Officer

Central Records and Archives

The main objective of the Central Records and Archives Department is to supervise the institutional documents, records and archives management operation and function within the  Namibia University of Science and Technology.



1. Administration and Management of the Central Records and Archives Department:
  • Act as custodian of the institutional memory of the Namibia University of Science and Technology, its students, staff and stakeholders.
  • Represent the interest of the Namibia University of Science and Technology and to serve as a primary source of historical information.
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures for the corporate documents, records and archives management programme of the institution.
  • Adhere to information security classification and de-classification procedures.
2. Development and Management of a Records Management Programme and Strategy for the institution:
  • Ensure that record keeping and records management practices effectively meet the vision, mission and objectives of the institution.
  • Manage information and records as an institutional resource and ensure that the institution complies with all the applicable national legislation and requirements of the Archives Act 12 of 1992.
3. Ensure compliance with organisational standards for Records Management in all Schools, Centres and Administrative Departments:
  • Develop and maintain links with Schools, Centres and Administrative Departments.
  • Ensure adherence to document and records classification best practices to facilitate effective filing and retrieval.
  • Keeping documents and records in safe custody.
  • Monitor customer satisfaction of the Records Management Services provided.
4. Administrative & Technical Support Services:
  • Consult with Schools, Administrative Support and Computer Services Bureau on destruction procedures for paper based materials.
  • Liaise with an external Service Provider for the recycling of waste paper resulting from archival appraisal and selection.
  • Liaise closely with staff of BCS during the selection and evaluation of appropriate EDRMS packages considered for implementation.
  • Liaise with the National Archives of Namibia to obtain disposal authorities for the legal destruction of official records according to prescribed procedures.
  • Manage the provision of off-site storage services for the institutions vital records.
5. Student Services:
  • Assist with the capturing of applications for admission and biographical data.
  • Collection of student documentation for filing.
  • Verification of student data for promotional purposes.
6. Student Records
  • Keeping and updating of Student Records
  • Liaising with other Departments concerning student data
7. Registry and Postal Services

Manage, control and supervise the registry and Postal Services Unit in order to provide effective registry and postal services for the Namibia University of Science and Technology staff.

Central Records and Archives

Mr Everon Kloppers Head of Central Records and Archives


Postal Services Unit

Mr Renaldo Xoagub Messenger Driver
Mr Pieter Williams Messenger: Registry and Postal Services
Mr Ekie Gariseb Messenger Driver

Faculty Administration

The Faculty Administration Unit consists of 9 Faculty Officers and provide efficient administrative and academic services and support to students, staff, lecturers and the general public.


  • Collect/ organize/store/maintain and provide student data/records
  • Update /correct/copy the academic structure
  • Draw up the departmental year programme and action plan schedule
  • Serve as meeting administrators to the Board of Studies Meetings
  • Participate in career fairs, shows and school activities.
  • Assist the Senior Admissions Officer in the amendment and revision of application forms.
  • Receive application forms and calculate admission points
  • Generate/amend admission and rejection letters and dispatch to successful and unsuccessful candidates
  • Collect, update and process information on new courses and programmes of study.
  • Attend to Faculty enquiries regarding students, curricula, and courses.
  • Handle curriculum enquiries and advice students/parents / donors about curriculum changes
  • Advise students on course amendments and apply change on ITS
  • Create academic student records on ITS and check each student’s record to see if they qualify for an award.


You may contact the partner Faculty Officer in the absence your dedicated Faculty Officer

Gilbert //Hoabeb and Indira Mbako
Gillian Ferris and Yvonne Noleen Shipanga
Sonia Samuels and Phen Ilukena
Seanie van Wyk and Julia Semi



Faculty Officers

Ms Mercia Richards Acting Senior Faculty Officer Tel: (+264 61) 207 2964
Ms Seanie van Wyk Faculty of Health, Natural Resources and Applied Sciences Tel: (+264 61) 207 2835
Mr Gilbert //Hoabeb
Faculty of Commerce, Human Sciences and Education
Department of Governance and Management Sciences
Tel: (+264 61 )207 2320
Ms Indira Mbako Faculty of Commerce, Human Sciences and Education
Department of Marketing, Logistics and Sport Management
Tel: (+264 61) 207 2170
Mrs Yvonne Shipanga
Faculty of Commerce, Human Sciences and Education
Department of Economics, Accounting and Finance
Tel: +264 -61-207 2671
Mrs Gillian Feris
Faculty of Commerce, Human Sciences and Education
Department of Social Sciences, Communicatoin and Languages and Technical Vocational, Education and Training (TVET)
Tel: (+264 61) 207 2160
Mrs Sonja Samuels
Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment
School of Engineering
Tel: (+264 61) 207 2016
Phen Ilukena
Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment
School of the Built Environment
Tel: (+264 61 )207 2661


Institutional Timetabling

To supervise and co-ordinate the Institutional Timetabling function within the Namibia University of Science and Technology. The Timetabling Department endeavours to ensure the co-ordinated optimal use of the physical and learning facilities and to govern utilisation of teaching facilities of the Institution. This Department deals with spaces which have been designated by the Namibia University of Science and Technology Management as available for teaching, learning and other uses in the Institution and which are recorded on the Central Timetabling System database.


a) Develop an institution-wide timetable and produce programme and level-specific timetables delivered at the beginning of the semester to students, staff and other relevant stakeholders;
b) Provide a framework to all schools on designing an integrated timetable that would act as a management information system for planning and control purposes;
c) Provide a framework for the coordinated timetabling of core and service courses between the originating and recipient departments;
d) Provide a framework for the design of an optimal test scheduling system;
e) Assign appropriate facilities to meet the requirements of the Namibia University of Science and Technology operations in an effective and efficient manner;
f) Inform the Namibia University of Science and Technology community of their responsibilities in providing necessary, accurate and timely information to enable assigned staff to carry out this task;
g) Provide a framework for regular monitoring and review of the Namibia University of Science and Technology teaching and learning facilities usage and needs; and,
h) Advise staff and students where and how all teaching and learning space allocation and timetabling issues should be dealt with and by whom.

Timetabling queries:
Fax: +264 61 2079308


Institutional Timetabler

Ms Maria Philander Institutional Timetabler

Qualifications Verification with PURQ and MIE

PURQ and MIE  perform a specialised task in a manner that ensures that the privacy of the individual is protected, that the laws of the land are respected and that the entire process is legitimate, fast and accurate.

What does “background screening” mean? In a nutshell, background screening means that the things people say about themselves, or don’t say about themselves, are tested to determine their accuracy. For example, a person may lay claim to a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce awarded by the London School of Economics.

PURQ or MIE checks whether the degree exists, and whether it was issued to the candidate by the school concerned.PURQ and MIE also do Enrolment verifications for the Namibia University of Science and Technology.