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Medical Laboratory Science Students Society

This society is established with the aim of representing the interest of Medical Laboratory Science students pertaining to lectures, practicals, continuous assessments, work integrated learning simulation, research opportunities as well as other academic matters concerning students that may arise.

1. To engage the Namibia Association of Medical Laboratory Sciences (NAMLS) and other professional bodies representing medical laboratory scientists/technologists.
2. To expose students to seminars related to medical health held by Medical Associations.
3. To represent all student interests and needs for course improvement.
4. To promote Biomedical/Medical laboratory sciences.
5. To engage with other student medical professions in order to promote and enhance medical care.
6. To work alongside organizations such as Blood Transfusion Service of Namibia and the Cancer Association of Namibia to promote student involvement in the community.
7. To provide a platform for students to interact with each other and partake in team building activities.
8. To engage qualified Biomedical Science graduates for them to motivate current students and share their experiences including work and carrier opportunities.



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