Faculty Administration

The Faculty Administration Unit consists of 9 Faculty Officers and provide efficient administrative and academic services and support to students, staff, lecturers and the general public.

The unit further focuses on the following areas:

  • Collect/ organize/store/maintain and provide student data/records
  • Update /correct/copy the academic structure
  • Draw up the departmental year programme and action plan schedule
  • Serve as meeting administrators to the Board of Studies Meetings
  • Participate in career fairs, shows and school activities.
  • Assist the Senior Admissions Officer in the amendment and revision of application forms.
  • Receive application forms and calculate admission points
  • Generate/amend admission and rejection letters and dispatch to successful and unsuccessful candidates
  • Collect, update and process information on new courses and programmes of study.
  • Attend to Faculty enquiries regarding students, curricula, and courses.
  • Handle curriculum enquiries and advice students/parents / donors about curriculum changes
  • Advise students on course amendments and apply change on ITS
  • Create academic student records on ITS and check each student’s record to see if they qualify for an award.

You may contact the partner Faculty Officer in the absence your dedicated Faculty Officer

Gilbert //Hoabeb and Indira Mbako
Gillian Ferris and Yvonne Noleen Shipanga
Mercia Richards and Sonia Samuels
Julia Semi

Faculty Officers

Mercia Richards
Acting Senior Faculty Officer
Tel: (+264 61) 207 2964
Responsible Programmes of Study
Julia Semi
Faculty of Computing and Informatics (FCI)
Tel: (+26461) 207 2923
Responsible Programmes of Study
Seanie van Wyk
Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment (FEBE)
Department: Architecture and Spatial
Tel: (+264 61) 207 2835
Gilbert //Hoabeb
Faculty of Commerce, Human Sciences and Education (FCHSE)
Department of Management
Tel: (+264 61 )207 2320
Responsible Programmes of Study
Indira Mbako
Faculty of Health, Natural Resources and Applied Sciences (FHNRAS)
Tel: (+264 61) 207 2170
Responsible Programmes of Study
Sonja Samuels
Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment (FEBE)
Departments of Civil And Environmental
Tel: (+264 61) 207 2016
Responsible Programmes of Study
Noleen Yvonne Shipanga
Faculty of Commerce, Human Sciences and Education (FCHSE)
Department of Accounting, Economics
Tel: +264 -61-207 2671
Responsible Programmes of Study
Gillian Feris
HP-GSB, Faculty of Commerce, Human Sciences and Education (FCHSE)
Department of Human Sciences ,
Tel: (+264 61) 207 2160
Responsible Programmes of Study
Phen Ilukena
Faculty of Commerce, Human Sciences and Education
Department: Marketing and Logistics
Tel: (+264 61 )207 2661

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