International Students and Visitors

NUST is home to more than 700  international students from all over the world out of a student population of nearly 12,000 (2020). International students fall into one of the four categories of international students:

  • Exchange: Students who come to NUST to complete a semester of studies. Exchange takes place where a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) exists between NUST and the student’s home university.  
  • Study Abroad: Students who come to NUST to complete specific modules, courses, projects or visit on a fee-paying basis (free-movers).
  • Interns: Students who complete in-service training as part of their qualification requirements either at NUST or in industry under the academic auspices of NUST.
  • Full Degree: Full degree international students apply to NUST similar to other full-degree Namibian students and pay the required tuition and other fees.



In terms of the provisions of the Immigration Control Act, Act No.7 of 1993, no person shall enter Namibia without valid passport and valid visas. The valid visas include the following:


International Visitors

The International Relations works closely with the NUST Management, faculties and departments in receiving international academics and visitors who are interested in forming partnerships, lecturing or conducting research while embedded at NUST. International academics and visitors, regardless of country of origin, are required to contact the International Relations at least two months in advance to obtain relevant information on the required documentation and visas to comply with their category of visit.

Study visas

All non-Namibian students must be in possession of a valid 3 or 6-month study visa before entering Namibia. Exchange and study abroad students must apply for a study visa and forward the completed application form, certified/endorsed passport copy and certified/endorsed police clearance certificate for a 6-month visa to the International Relations for processing.

Study permits

NUST normally invites officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration and Safety and Security on campus at the start of every academic year. During the registration period, full degree international students can have their student permit applications processed by the officials.

Employment permits

International academics or experts who are seeking employment at or are employed by NUST may seek guidance from the Department of Human Resources on queries relating to employment permits.


NUST has limited accommodation on campus. However, international students may contact the International Relations as well as the Department of Student Services for recommendations on nearby suitable student housing.


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