Corporate Strategy and Quality Assurance

The department facilitates the development, implentation and review of the institution’s strategic and operational plans.  Staff work closely with all internal stakeholders providing support and expertise to ensure alignment of planning and decision making to the vision, mission and goals of the institution.


The Institutional Planning Department was established in January 2012.
The department supports the NUST community with development, implementation and review of the NUST strategic and operational plan by providing planning support, data, institutional information and business intelligence.

Our work encompasses the following main areas:

I. Long-Term Strategic Planning
  1. Coordinating the overall planning processes to create the NUST Strategic Plan.
  2. Aligning the internal planning processes to provide effective and well coordinated  plans.
  3. Compiling the institutional five-year strategic plan in consultation with the NUST Community.
  4. Maintaining the University’s overall organisational structure.
II. Annual Planning
  1. Developing and communicating operational plans.
  2. Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the plans.
  3. Communicating targets and progress.
  4. Conducting quarterly fora to discuss trends within the institution and in higher education.
III. Data and Analysis
  1. Promoting standards of data quality  (Collecting and validating data).
  2. Collecting, processing, retrieving and analysing data to produce and disseminate quality information products which are appropriate and useful during planning and decision-making processes.
  3. Providing technical advice and all other statistical services.
IV. Institutional Research
  1. Conducting institutional research to support planning, governance, management and performance within the University.
  2. Analysing trends in higher education.
  3. Benchmarking internationally


Sylvia Schubert
Manager: Corporate Strategy
Tel: (+264 61) 207 2948
Efraim Dumeni
Manager - MIIR/Statistics
Tel: +264 -61-207 2303
Matchwell Lizazi
Corporate Strategy Officer
Tel: +264 -61-207 2353
Booysen Tubulingane
Tel: +264 -61-207 2749
Vivette Rittmann
Culture and Communications Analyst
Tel: +264 61 207 2295
Anna Sheehama
Assistant Statistician
Tel: +264 61 207 2674
Albertina Amadhila
Change Administrator
Tel: +264 61 207 1154

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