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When you are sick, you have symptoms. The same applies to your IT equipment. Before calling someone in the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) randomly, you should collect as many details as possible and make use of common sense. The Department of Information and Communications Technology is a sector that comprises 4 highly specialised sections: Network, ITS, Data Centre and PC Support. A section can not solve problems that fall under another section, in other words, you should try to call on the relevant section!

    You should always make use of common sense before calling. In general:

•     ITS related problems should be addressed to the ITS section.

•     Problems about internet access and e-mail should be addressed to the systems administrators in the data centre section.

•     Problems about the NUST internal websites (, staff intranet, student intranet) should be addressed to the Webmaster.

•     All other problems, including but not restricted to: Viruses, freezing PC, printers problems, hardware, new software, etc.. should be directed to the ICT support section.

You will notice that the network section should not be contacted directly, except when you are absolutely sure that the problem is network related. If you are still unsure in which category to place your problem or your query, do not hesitate to contact our Helpdesk at extension 2484 to assist in identifying the right resource. 

Yes, ideally at least once a year. The PC support officers will “clean' your computer and ensure that all vital functions are properly working. And your printer will also benefit from a service. You should send your equipment for service prior to your annual leave.

All staff of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) has signed confidentiality forms. It is very common for DICT staff to stumble upon confidential information, but no one should be worried about it. As a matter of rule, the DICT staff members are forbidden to disclose confidential information they have access to in the legitimate exercise of their functions. The section Managers are regularly advising their staff on respect of confidentiality.

No, you should not be afraid. We will take the utmost care of your computer and even try to backup data. However, it may happen that your computer “collapses” while in our care and all data may be lost. But again, this is a seldom occurrence.

In the absence of suitable equipment on campus, the best solution is either to backup your document folder onto a memory stick or a DVD on a regular basis. Should you have too much data to backup, contact the ICT Support section for the most appropriate solution.

Yes, and many staff members on campus use different flavours of Linux, which is an Open Source Software (OSS). There is an OSS movement on campus that is gaining momentum. Extended support for Linux will become a reality on campus earliest.

Important Phone numbers in the Department of Information and Communications Technology:

Help/Service Desk: 2484

ICT Support – Architecture: > 2409, 2699
ICT Support – Main campus: > 2853, 2595, 2468, 2823, 2817
ICT Support – Engineering: > 2504, 2824, 2933
ICT Support – Computing: > 2084, 2222, 2996
ICT Support - Health and Applied Sciences: 2868, 2712, 2249
ICT Support – Hotel School: > 2841
ICT Support – Library: > 2634, 2199, 2819
ICT Support - Science & Technology: > 2632, 2628, 2703

ICT Support - Managers: > 2175, 2257

Systems Developer: > 2105
Systems Analyst: > 2280
Systems Administrators > 2498, 2124, 2289
Data Centre – Manager > 2314

ITS Support - Officers: > 2283, 2179, 2438
ITS Systems - Manager: > 2172

ICT Security Officers: > 2430
Network Administrators: > 2860, 2831, 2636
Unified Communications: > 2748
Switchboard Operators: > 9111
Network- Manager: > 2108

Webmaster: > 2253, 2282
Secretary: > 2256
Director: > 2275 & 2256

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