Business Systems and Processes Unit

The Business Systems and Processes Unit provides the following services within the Department of Digital Transformation Business Services (DTBS)

  • Access and support of staff and students using the ITS system at the institution 
  • Developing and launching efficient business processes engineering, financial and operation systems across all spheres at the institution 
  • Maintaining infrastructure related to the use of the ITS System 
  • Coordinating the use of new systems and subsystems 
  • Operational management of the ITS system 
  • Continually enhancing the quality of the ITS system. 
  • Training of staff on the ITS system 

The Business and Processes unit is committed to service delivery, pedagogic innovation and is dispersed across students, academic staff and NUST regional centres.

Services offered and supported by the ITS System:


Bursaries and loans
Lecturer iEnabler comprising the information of student data, insertion of marks, computation of student marks, mark approvals.
Student Debtors
Interactive Voice Response (SMS)
Student IEnabler comprising of Online Registration, On-line applications, Student Enquirer and Administrator (Financial statements, Examination timetable, Tasks/Test Progress Report, Examination Results, ICOMMS letters to students, etc.)
Student Mobi system used for elections.


ACB Interface
Accounts Receivable
Asset Management
Counter system
Electronic Banking
Income and Expenditure Budget system
Financial iEnabler
General Ledger
Space system


Payroll system
Personnel system
Salary Budgeting system
Personnel iEnabler comprising of an on-line payslip, leave system, probation, claims, etc.


Vehicle Reservation system
Meal system for the Dean of Students
Clinic management system for the Dean of Students

Business Systems and Processes Analysts

Nicolette M. Fourie
Senior Business Systems and Processes Analyst
Errol N. Mbako
Business Systems and Processes Analyst
Wynand Narimab
Business Systems and Processes Analyst
Regina Andrew
Business Systems and Processes Analyst

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