Services Offered

Procurement, Creditors Administration and Budgeting Department

Procurement and Creditors has the responsibility to provide goods and services of the required quality to the Institution timeously, at the best value for money and in an ethical and transparent manner. The functions of the sections include:

  • Purchasing, processing of invoices and supplier payments;
  • Plans, coordinates and executes the budgeting process;
  • Allocates available funding to all schools and departments;
  • Enforces budget controls in place to ensure that operating results are in line with approved budget.

Revenue Section

The Revenue Section provides service to the student community with regarding to the administration of financial transactions on accounts and is responsible for:

  • Overseeing billing on student accounts;
  • Collection and processing of payments;
  • Loan/bursary administration;
  • Processing of refunds;
  • Cashier functions; and
  • Billing and collection of fees from sundry debtors,

Payroll Section

The role of the Payroll Section is to ensure that all employees of the Institution regarding payroll administration and is responsible for:

  • Ensure thal all employees are paid in an accurate and timely manner;
  • Processing of third party payments, e.g. PAYE, medical aid, social security;
  • Maintains important employee files;
  • Performs monthly reconciliations to ensure correct payment allocations.

Asset Control Section

The Asset Control team provides support to the NUST community by administering and processing transactions involving Fixed Assets Accounting and Fixed Assets Management. This section is taked with the responsibility to:

  • Maintain various forms related to property transfers, additions, disposals, and adjustments;
  • Coordinate and assist departments with inventory of capitalized equipment;
  • Reconcile Fixed Assets monthly; and
  • Control the movement of assets on campus.

Stores Section

The role of the University's Central Store is to provide the NUST departments and sections with a wide range of consumables, materials, and stationary. A list of items that may be ordered from the Central Store, such as

  • Stationery items;
  • Toners and cartridges;
  • Graduation attire;
  • Cleaning material; and
  • Electrical equipment.

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