Alumni Achievements

Alumni AGM Event 2nd November 2019

Motivational Speech

Peneyambeko Ndapandaomwene Johannes is an ambitious and resourceful young woman whose primary focus is making a difference amongst those with limited access to opportunities. She is boasts of varied interests and creative pursuits. Peneyambeko is also a strong advocate for personal development and growth. She prides herself in her amazing ability to work with individuals from all walks of life. She received a degree in Health Information Systems Management from the Namibia University of Science and Technology and is currently employed as a data clerk with ITECH Namibia. When she is not immersing herself in her busy working schedule, she spends her time reading and learning new languages.

Official Academic Opening 10 Feb 2020

Motivational Speech

Ms Toni Sam is an accountant by profession, who works at the Office of the President. She obtained her Bachelor Degree in Business Administration in 2014 at NUST.  “My time at NUST was quite hectic as I had to balance work and studies this meant time management and planning”, she said. She remembers having to jungle in between lectures and work whilst having to deal with the woes of public transit between work and university. “Being at NUST was indeed a stepping stone into my professional career as it build my self- confidence which now makes it easy for me to talk and write”, she said.  To date, she writes extensively about finance, politics, culture and many of her articles have appeared in The Namibian.

NUST Career Fair

Motivational Speaker

Joram Shifa is a human resources administrative intern by profession, who works at Erongo Marine. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in 2014. Soon thereafter, he obtained his Honours Degree in Marketing in 2019.  “My time at NUST allowed me to focus on my leadership skills which I polished during my term as the Vice President of the NUST-ED society” he said. He remembers how his Business Simulation class was indeed an eye opener. “It has capacitated my ability to innovate”, he said.  As a NUST Drama Club actor and mobiliser, his creativity was showcased by a performance at the National Theatre of Namibia in September 2014 on Gender Based Violence.

Joram urges young people to lead the pursuit of finding solutions of society’s shortcomings and he is a practising Afroptimist (a firm believer in the future and potential of the African continent), whose passion is to work towards the realising of the economic integration of Africa on a global scale.

NUST Career Fair

Motivational Speaker

Keith Handura is a certified chartered accountant and business development consultant, who is the founder of Pahee Consulting. He obtained his certificate in Business Model Generation (NBII) IN 2019. “Getting this certificate empowered me to start up my own business, as I have a passion to help entrepreneurs through business development, training, leadership and mentorship sessions,” he said.

Through Pahee Consulting, Keith hopes to make a valuable contribution in building a more conducive start-up ecosystem that supports and grows business that are limited by traditional barriers to market entry and growth.

Transformational Marketeer

Mavis Braga is a qualified Civil Engineer who obtained her degree in 2019. She works as Marketing Executive at Future Media Holdings and is also the Director of the One Economy Foundation. She is the Founder of EM Love Foundation and Ehaveco Events. “My time at NUST was nothing short of exciting and proved to be an opportunity of a lifetime. Engineering was a challenging field that moulded my character into an analytical thinker where I learnt to work under pressure and become disciplined,” she said. She remembers hosting the Cultural Festival and Hostel Ball which paved the way to her success in public speaking. I had the pleasure of working with a team of lecturers who were dedicated. “There are three lecturers I will remain grateful to Mr Zulu, my first-year statistics lecturer, Mr Lufuma, whose was incredibly patient and Mr Moyo, whose style was easily understood,” she said.

Outstanding Corporate Communicator

Hilya Nangombe Mhani is a qualified communications practitioner who obtained her degree in 2015. Soon thereafter, she obtained her honours in communications in 2018. She works as a Corporate Communication Practitioner at Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN). Hilya holds vast experience in Stakeholder Relationship management, Communications, Corporate Social Investment, and Events/Campaign management.

“My NUST experience made me grow in many ways I couldn’t have imagined; I have gained practical experience in current affairs and communication. She remembers her communications class as have had amazing people and taught her how to make new connections. “I have become a confident public speaker, exercise empathy and have emotional intelligence when dealing with my colleagues and clients,” she said.

Dr Mohammed Shehu: Media Veteran

Dr Mohammed Shehu, is a qualified informatics specialist, who obtained his doctorate in 2019. He is a digital strategist, copywriter, keynote note speaker and social media practitioner. As the head of social media at Mo She Media, his greatest passion lies within developing social media strategies, entrepreneurship, design principles and digital transformation. He is also the founding editor of Grammar & Flow.

“NUST taught me the power of research and how to apply it to the business world. Study a subject you enjoy, and the money will come,” he said. Having lived in six countries and worked with some of the biggest brands on the continent, Dr Shehu brings to the table a globalised perspective, big-picture thinking and incisive insight on building a successful brand.

Marvellous Shilongo: Beauty and Brains

Marvellous Shilongo, who studied economics graduated with an economics degree in 2019, is now self-employed. She is currently pursuing her honours. Marvellous, indeed has a story to tell as she reigned as Miss NUST and Miss First Year in 2016. Soon thereafter, she was elected as SRC president in 2018.“Thinking about my time, at NUST brings back fond memories of yellow benches and sweet chilli hotdogs. My interactions with students during my SRC tenure gave me insight into all the different challenges Namibian students face at higher education institutions,” she said.

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