NUST Students Christian Movement


Brief introduction

The Namibia University of Science and Technology Students Christian Movement abbreviated as NUST SCM, referred to herein as ‘the Society’. The NUST SCM is based on the Bible as the inspired and liberating Word of God. We further believe, teach and confess the Holy Trinity of God. In this manner SCM hopes to be means to eliminate many of the rivalries and misunderstandings which may exist between Christians from different denominations. SCM is basically Bible oriented. It proclaims Jesus Christ as the Lord in academic community and to the whole world through its relations with local, regional and international Christian councils and sister movements.



• To make sure that members become loyal and most useful to their own respective denominations.



• To guide students towards accepting the saving faith in the True God and towards living a well-balanced Christ-like life.

• To deepen and develop the students’ spiritual life by promoting among them the serious study of the Bible as the inspired liberating Word of God which will help them to live a sanctified and justified life today.

• To encourage students to devote themselves “to the extension of “God’s Kingdom here and everywhere, by the articulation and incarnation of God’s Word.

• To cultivate loyalty among students to their own denominations and to encourage them to pray and act for the realisation of Christ’s prayer “that they may be one.”


Society’s impact on students

SCM wants to bring NUST students from various denominations to accept Christ as their personal Saviour; to come closer to one another; and to help them realise and experience the unity in Christ which transcends our denominational differences.


How to become a member


Membership of a Students Christian Movement is open to all Christian students in NUST who subscribe to the basis of faith of the NUST SCM and to show an involvement in and a commitment to the activities and ideals of the society.



Contact details

Chairperson Mr Ileny Ndadi 081 633 9810

Vice Chairperson Miss Justina Shipuata 081 410 0942

Vice Secretary Miss Ester Petrus 081 607 0587


Contact Us

The Namibia University of Science and Technology welcomes all queries and suggestions via our contact page. For detailed enquiries please fill in our Advanced Enquiries form on the main Enquiries page.

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