LGBTQ+ Society

The purpose of the NUST LGBTQ+ Society is to create awareness regarding different sexual orientations and to further educated interested parties on all related LGBTQ+ discussions. Moreover, the NUST LGBTQ+ Society enables a network where one is to meet like-minded persons with the NUST Community, in particular, and Windhoek, in general. To create a prejudice free zone for all members. Whereas, to create a safe space for all students, regardless of sexual orientation, sex, race, religion, creed or political affiliation, gender identity and gender expression.


  • To work closely with all LGBTQ+ networks and organisations;
    • a. to have further joint social events and campaigns
    • b. providing volunteering opportunities for all members
  • To invite activists and professional speakers onto campus for motivational and/or guest speaking events.
  • To secure an environment in which its members feel safe and can meet other like-minded persons.

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