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Full Time
NQF Level 7, Credits 426

Bachelor of Geomatics

Course Overview

The Bachelor of Geomatics programme is purposefully designed to prepare students for a career as technical surveyor, with high level knowledge and skills in the acquisition, processing, presentation, and management of geospatial data. The programme provides a systematic and coherent introduction to the main theories, broad principles, concepts, data, and problem-solving techniques in the field of Geomatics. The programme will enable students to acquire cognitive skills, practical problem-solving skills, and key transferable skills required for addressing pressing geomatics challenges. In addition, the Bachelor of Geomatics will enable students to develop a sense of social responsibility, and an understanding of the role they can play in land reform and sustainable development in Namibia and the Southern African Region.

Graduates from this programme should have full regard for achieving excellence and maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct in the practice of their profession. Upon completion of this programme, graduates will be able to contribute significantly to the attainment of national development objectives by taking up jobs as a technical surveyor in the public and private sectors of Namibia.

Admissions Requirements

Candidates may be admitted to the Bachelor of Geomatics programme if they meet the University’s general admission requirements, and comply with the following additional requirements: Applicants must have a combined total of at least 30 points on the Evaluation Scale, counting up to five subjects as follows: • Minimum A-symbol on NSSC Ordinary (or 3-symbol at NSSC Higher) for Mathematics; • Minimum B-symbol on NSSC Ordinary (or 4-symbol at NSSC Higher) for Physical Science; • Minimum 3-symbol for English Second Language at NSSC Higher; • A pass or proof of competency in Computer User Skills (or equivalent); and • Must be medically and physically fit for fieldwork, which forms an integral part of the programme. Candidates who do not have proof of competency for Computer User Skills, but who meet all other admission requirements, may be admitted conditionally to the Bachelor of Geomatics programme. They will be allowed to do all the first semester course of Year 1 of the Bachelor programme, on condition that they also pass the course Computer User Skills in the same semester. They will then have to do the institutional core course Information Competency in the second semester. Candidates, who passed the Introduction to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (InSTEM) courses Computer User Skills, Introduction to Mathematics B, Introduction to Physics B, and English in Practice, may be admitted into the first year of the Bachelor of Geomatics programme. Preference will be given to candidates who passed all InSTEM courses. Holders of the National Diploma in Surveying from the Polytechnic of Namibia/Namibia University of Science and Technology with a mark of at least 70 % in Mathematics and Statistics for Land Management, Basic Surveying and Adjustment of Observations, may be admitted into the Bachelor of Geomatics programme with advanced standing, on a course by course credit at the discretion of the Department. Holders of the National Diploma in Surveying from the Polytechnic of Namibia/Namibia University of Science and Technology the Diploma in Geomatics from the Polytechnic of Namibia/Namibia University of Science and Technology at NQF Level 6, an equivalent qualification at NQF Level 6 from a recognised institution or a pre-NQF approved Diploma over 3 years in the field of surveying/geomatics may be admitted into the Bachelor of Geomatics programme with advanced standing, with credits granted on a course-by-course basis at the discretion of the Department. Applicants from other institutions must submit detailed information on all courses in their previous qualifications, as well as contact details of three referees. Applicants may be required to attend a pre-selection interview and/or test at the discretion of the Department.

Career Opportunities

Technical Surveyor

Some of the Subjects You Will Study

Year 1
Semester 1

Course Code

Course Title



Introduction to Land Use Planning and Management



Semester 2



Cadastral Surveying 1

Introduction to Mathematics A


Land Tenure Systems



Survey Drafting

Computer User Skills and Introduction to Mathematics A


Survey Project

Introduction to Mathematics A


Year 2
Semester 3


Engineering Surveying

Basic Surveying


Land Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems 1


Programming for Geoinformatics

Computer User Skills, Introduction to Mathematics A Or Mathematics and Statistics for Spatial Science


Remote Sensing 1

Introduction to Geospatial Data, Introduction to Mathematics A Or Mathematics and Statistics for Spatial Science


Semester 4


Digital Terrain Modeling

Surveying 2,          Engineering Surveying


Geomatics Theory of Errors

Mathematics 1, Surveying 2, Programming for Geoinformatics


Sectional Title Surveying

Survey Drafting, Computer Aided Drafting and Surveying 2

Year 3
Semester 5


Cadastral Surveying 2

Basic Surveying, Cadastral Surveying 1


Digital Cartography and Visualisation

Introduction to Geospatial Data


Digital Photogrammetry

Digital Terrain Modeling,


Geographic Information Systems 3

Geographic Information Systems 2


Mine Surveying

Basic Surveying


Semester 6


Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

Digital Terrain Modeling, Surveying 4 Cadastral Surveying 2

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