After two consecutive years of unprecedented isolation, loss and uncertainty, we are delighted to share that NUST’s cooperation with international partners has for the most part resumed. It tells the story of a world, after two years of being locked-in, now free and ready to engage.

In this edition of the International Relations Newsletter, we demonstrate the resilience and sincerity of our partnerships, showing how they endured the grim pandemic, and how they continue to thrive shortly after the pandemic. We also touch on areas that need more to be done, and how you can personally benefit regardless of your rank or occupation.
This is the first edition of the IR Newsletter under the newly formed Department of Corporate Engagement and Internationalisation; a merger of the International Relations Unit and the Communications and Marketing legacy departments. The rationale behind the merger is simple, to have a more unified approach to managing relationships with all our stakeholders, be they local or international.

This edition contains good lessons learned, key among them is the adaptability of the human spirit. You will read how virtual student exchanges were made possible due to the circumstances earlier in the year. You will also learn about how we, for the second year running, facilitated institutional virtual internships for students which were credit bearing, making an argument about our resilience and problem-solving capability. Much later in the year, we were able to send students as far as Spain, Switzerland, Romania, Germany, Austria and Poland.
In terms of funded staff mobility, our staff continue to benefit from visiting Germany, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, USA and various other countries. We received guests for the first time from Slovakia, and signed various agreements for both students and staff exchanges with several universities, and corporate partners. In 2022 NUST signed an agreement with an Indonesian university, and we also hosted high-level delegation from South Korea for a familiarisation visit.

Despite an otherwise highly successful year in terms of Internationalisation, two priorities emerge; one is to diversify NUST’s international footprint because the current concentration of cooperation is Eurocentric. Much of Africa, Asia and the Americas remain uncharted territory with few agreements in place and concomitantly little activity.
Secondly, academics continue to dominate as beneficiaries of our international partnerships. This is only natural. However, administrative staff could benefit just as much from the exchanges and the international exposure that come with such mobilities. This would ensure that NUST administrators are empowered to provide world class support to academics through the visits and benchmarking activities they partake in. These two commitments, sum up the unit’s mission over the next few years.

In conclusion, join us and immerse yourself in the stories of our staff and students contained in this edition, which we encourage the reader to peruse carefully and should anything stand-out, be free to contact our International Relations Officers for opportunities available for your unit.

Enjoy Edition 2022

Mr John Haufiku
Director: Corporate Engagement and Internationalisation

Friday, December 16, 2022
for Month: 
December, 2022

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