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...catching up with NUST Alumni
Four years into his career as a Civil Engineering Technician at the Namibia Water Corporation, Hosea Hashili, has no regrets for choosing this career path. He graduated with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering ‘Cum Laude,’ in 2019 at NUST.

“After completing my Engineering degree at NUST, I decided not to take a breather, but to continue with my academic journey. This time around, I branched into the field of business management at another institution to diversify my skills set,” he said. I am currently enrolled in an Master of Business Administration (Management Strategy) programme. I made this call after noticing how the gap between technical fields and management continues to hinder smooth consensual decision-making in
organisations. In modern day business, the need for fast and sharp business decision- making is becoming paramount to business efficacy,” he said confidently.

However, a few years ago, Hashili was not the exceptional performer that he is today. He attended primary and high school in Grootfontein, where he received a number of accolades from Grade 8 to 10. However, in Grade 11, he gave in to peer pressure, and started drinking alcohol which derailed his performance. Nevertheless, he eventually pulled up his socks, set goals for himself, and now he is determined to reach for the sky and beyond.

When asked about his perception about NUST, Hashili simply said “this is the best University in Namibia,” adding that “the Institution’s systematic approach to dispatching knowledge is exceptional. The experience is not merely about classroom affairs. NUST was a good friend from day one to graduation day,” he said nostalgically. According to the Hashili, one of the best benefits while studying at at the Institution was that it sufficiently prepared him for his career. “The industry integrated learning course was of immense benefit, as theory alone is not enough to step with into the industry,” he said. “NUST’s system of hiring lecturers from the industry assisted me immensely with a smooth entry into the real world” he added.

Hashili advises high school students looking into furthering their tertiary education in Namibia to choose NUST, especially in fields related to science. “If you want to pursue studies in hard-core science (engineering, computer science, etc.) then is possibly your best option. However, make sure you go there armed with overflowing commitment and dedication,” he cautioned.

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