Promoting value addition in the mining sector

The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) contracted NUST, through its Department of Mining and Process Engineering (DMPE), to develop a national Mineral Beneficiation Strategy (MBS). As part of the development of this strategy, the department held a workshop last week, to engage stakeholders on the progress made so far.

The Namibian mining industry is one of the main pillars of the country’s economy and makes a significant contribution to the country’s export income (about 50%) and Gross Domestic Product (12 – 14% in recent years).

“The objective of this strategy is to ensure that as a country, Namibia benefits more out of the mineral resources by getting greater benefits from the mineral value chain. One key driver for this process is the development of a manufacturing industry that attains feedstock from local mining and processing operations. In order to make this possible, various issues need to be interrogated and reviewed. These include economic incentives for investors in the manufacturing industry, skills development, technology, ease-of-doing-business as well as water and energy security. In a fast-paced global village, Namibia needs to ensure that it offers a competitive landing ground for capital as well as offer much needed cost-competitiveness for its products,” emphasised Dr Harmony Musiyarira, Head: DMPE.

He added that: “The department is strategically positioned to lead the initiative as it recently successfully developed the Sector Growth Strategy for the semi-precious stones and related industry for Namibia.”

To date, the work covered includes, the commencement of a detailed study of the current status of mineral beneficiation in Namibia, as well as the completion of benchmarking visits to government departments and industries in Finland, South Africa and Zambia.

It is anticipated that the strategy will guide Namibia in developing its mineral beneficiation and manufacturing sectors, leading to economic growth and job creation.
The workshop was attended by researchers, academics, government representatives and industry experts.

Friday, June 28, 2019
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June, 2019

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