Opportunity to invest in efficient energy

For the first time, NUST will be taking part in the Shell Eco-marathon Africa 2018, where nine students will be representing the country. The University’s participation in the Challenge provides an opportunity for industry to invest in this efficient energy drive.

In 1985, Shell introduced the Eco-marathon Challenge, where student teams from all over the world can compete – to design, build and drive the most energy-efficient prototype cars. This year will be the first time that NUST or any Namibian team will be taking part.

The NUST team is made up of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering students, and is called the “Namib Eco Riders”. They bring together multiple disciplines and cultures, with the goal to optimise innovation and creativity.

The competition will be held in Pretoria in October 2018 and is divided into categories based on energy sources. The team will be participating in the electrical battery category with their carbon-fibre prototype vehicle.

The challenges faced by the NUST team are vast as they look to improve the mechanical and electrical aspects of the vehicle. Scientific research and development is costly and the team is still seeking additional sponsorships to cover the costs of participating in the competition.

For sponsorships and general enquiries, contact Evert Strydom, estrydom@nust.na

Friday, August 3, 2018
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August, 2018

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