NUST hosts first Virtual Graduation Ceremony

...with more than 19 000 viewers tuned in.

As the world fights the COVID-19 pandemic, universities have been called upon to re-imagine the way they operate as it is simply not business as usual. A graduation ceremony is the biggest highlight of a student’s academic journey and whilst NUSTs traditional 2020 April Graduation Ceremony has been postponed to October, the University celebrated the prestigious occasion on the initial date, despite the unfavourable circumstances. Social media, specifically Facebook, proved to be the next ideal platform to host the event.

On the day, over 2 000 students obtained various qualifications ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate qualifications. In accordance to the University’s mandate of advancing qualifications in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), qualifications such as Masters Degrees in fields such as Computer Science; Industrial Engineering; Health Sciences; and Natural Resource Management, were awarded. Moreover, a Doctoral qualification in Computer Science was bestowed upon Dr Mercy Chitauro, a lecturer in the Faculty of Computing and Informatics.

The Build-up to the Ceremony
Prior to the event being streamed on Facebook, the graduates shared video clips and images of themselves wearing gowns and celebrating their achievements. Social media was abuzz as the graduates showed their creativity and made the most of the situation.

Behind the Scenes
The event was pre-recorded in partnership with the Namibia Media Holdings. The speakers, namely: Prof Peter Katjavivi, Chancellor; Ms Florette Nakusera, Council Chairperson; Mr Morné du Toit, Acting Vice-Chancellor; Mr Maurice Garde, Registrar; and Ms Lelian David, SRC President, delivered remarks.
The Chancellor said: “Annually, the government of the Republic of Namibia allocates the lion’s share of the national budget to the education and health sectors.
This is a conscious move, which has a bearing on uplifting the socioeconomic status of our people, particularly the youth. Investment in education, specifically, is the essential foundation for prosperity and opportunity.”
He further reiterated the importance of strengthening the University’s research capacity, stating that this will be valuable in confronting the challenges facing the Namibian nation.
In adherence with the country’s social distancing guidelines, the recordings were held separately, ensuring at each point in time the studio had a limited number of people.
The faculty deans recorded their messages from home.

October Ceremony
It is anticipated that the traditional ceremony will be held in October 2020 where the graduates will have the opportunity to attend the event with their friends and family. However, the certificates will be available in due course.

Friday, May 15, 2020
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May, 2020

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