NUST appreciates industry partners

NUST’s Cooperative Education Unit (CEU) expressed gratitude to industry partners for hosting students for Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placements during the past three years. CEU acknowledged its indispensable partners’ support towards enhancing the employability of students.

Through  the  practice  of  cooperative  education,  the University develops  and  maintains  close  links  with  industry;  has  a  greater  understanding  of  industry  needs  which  assists  in  planning  and  development  of  relevant  curricula; provides  opportunities  for  involvement  in  collaborative  and  relevant  research  of    benefit  to  industry  and  academics, among others. The industry partners were recognised in the  following categories:  

      I.         Placement across all faculties (faculty specific placements and Internship Students’ placement Programme initiator). The 1st place award category was awarded to the Ministry of Health and Social Sciences with the placement number of 348, followed by the City of Windhoek with 245, and Motor Vehicle Accident Fund with 179.

     II.         The Second place Faculty specific placement category was awarded to EMED Rescue, AEMS Ambulance and Lifelink all with 175.

    III.         Third place award across faculties was awarded to the Namibia Institute of Pathology, and the Namibia Blood Transfusion Service both with 63 placements, followed by Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry with 56.

A special internship programme initiator was awarded to the Mobile Telecommunication for initiating the National Internship programme that encourages corporates to support students from NUST, IUM, UNAM, NIIMT and VTCs with internships. Sixty (60) NUST students have benefited from this programme in addition to the students who are placed in MTC.

During the event, CEU conducted a real time industry feedback survey. The survey looked at the alignment between NUST WIL programmes and industry requirements. 62% of the participants indicated that the curricula is aligned with the industry requirements, while 73% of the participants indicated that their satisfied with the undergraduate level of employability skills. Employer’s opinions on the most important skills and competencies that graduates should have for future employment include interpersonal skills, time management, critical thinking and emotional intelligence. Lastly, 90% of the industry representatives indicated that they are interested in collaborating with NUST.  Ms Namutuwa, the CEU Acting Director,  indicated that the survey provided useful feedback from industry that the Institution can utilise to inform programme development and enhance the coordination of WIL.

Thursday, December 5, 2019
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December, 2019

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