NGCL represented at NOFOMA conference

The Nordic Logistics Research Network (NOFOMA), celebrated its 30th anniversary at the University of Southern Denmark, were hundreds of researchers from around the world gathered.

NOFOMA is a society of Nordic researchers within the logistics field, which holds a conference annually, that brings together scholars from the Nordic countries, as well as other countries beyond this region. Two representatives from the Namibian-German Centre for Logistics (NGCL), Prof Kenneth Odero, Academic Director and Ronak Warasthe, Project Coordinator, attended the event in order to strengthen the Centre’s relationship with the Scandinavian research community and to find potential project partners.

The pair was accompanied by Marcus Brandenburg, Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany), who works closely with NGCL. Prof Odero presented his paper titled “Developing a Framework for Measuring Logistics and Supply Chain Performance.”

The paper proposes a framework for measuring performance of the Logistics and Supply Chain system in Namibia. Prof Odero argues that supply chain networks are constantly and rapidly evolving, theory and practice have lagged behind, particularly in the domain of performance assessment and evaluation of logistics and supply chain systems. “Yet, there are many benefits that stand to be gained from agile, competitive, and sustainable supply chains,” Odero says. He adds that the proposed framework provides a clear pathway towards better understanding and hopefully, improved logistics and supply chain management and performance. This would ultimately lead to Namibia’s vision of a competitive logistics nation in southern Africa.

Aspects that were addressed by other researchers at the conference include humanitarian logistics; service and healthcare logistics; and retail and e-tail logistics.

Friday, June 29, 2018
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June, 2018

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