Management and SRC take pledge of excellence

The Vice-Chancellor, Dr Erold Naomab, together with the Executive Committee, and the Students’ Representative Council (SRC), signed a leadership pledge recently. The pledge strives to ensure collegial and the smooth engagement between the parties during their tenure.

A University’s management and a students’ body have key roles to play in safeguarding good governance. If this relationship is fragmented, it may have detrimental effects on the operations of an institution, and this is one of the main reasons that the Leadership Pledging Ceremony was held at NUST. Dr Naomab assumed office last month, and the SRC also just recently began their term, thus this proved as an opportune time to start off on a sound note.

The University’s Chief Legal Adviser and Commissioner of Oaths, Joshua Kaumbi, presided over the ceremony. All signatories, amongst others, pledged to implement positive change, and to take personal accountability for their decisions and actions, as well as the consequences thereof. Dr Naomab emphasised that one should not only lead by the virtues of integrity, but that everyone should demand it from each other.

“Let us not compromise the future of NUST by allowing loyalty to individuals to stand in the way of objective truth,” he said.
He further singled out two of his key expectations from the SRC members, namely, managing a successful cultural transformation at the University and bringing about the change they would want to see. Dr Naomab concluded by stating that leadership is about influencing others through unleashing their potential to impact the greater good.

On behalf of the student leaders, the SRC President, Pamela Gertze, guarantees to serve both the Institution and the students with integrity. “We commit ourselves to promote academic excellence, true accessibility to quality education, promote the importance of mental well-being of our students and ensure a vibrant and conducive learning environment,” she said. Gertze, who was previously the SRC Vice-President in 2020, is now also a Council member, a requirement that comes with her new role.

The SRC representatives are elected annually, and they serve for one academic year, as per the University’s rules and regulations.

Monday, February 15, 2021
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February, 2021

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