Learning through the Youth Opportunity Forum

In commemoration of Europe Day that is celebrated annually on the 9th of May, the European Union (EU), in collaboration with NUST, hosted a Youth Opportunity Forum under the theme Youth Resilience, Innovation and Networking during COVID-19.

Youth from various institutions gathered at the event to gain knowledge on topics such as the adaptation to new learning dimensions, digital solutions to social atomisation during COVID-19 and youth empowerment through technology. “This gathering will prove to be a stepping-stone for your personal and professional development.

It is quite a privilege to be able to acquire knowledge and build extensive networks from a diverse pool of experts, at no cost,” NUST Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Academic, Dr Andrew Niikondo said.

The youth taking advantage of opportunities offered by the European Union.

        EU Ambassador, HE Sinikka Antila







 A fourth-year Bachelor of Public Management student from the University of Namibia (UNAM), Titus Hamakali, was excited to interact with fellow youth who share a common interest in skills development. Another student, Harvest Ithana, a fourth-year Bachelor of Media Studies student from UNAM was keen to cover the event with the possibility of learning something new. “I hope to take back something from the panel discussions. The topics seem insightful and I am sure they will boost my current skillset,” she said.

Addressing the youth directly, HE Sinikka Antila, the EU Ambassador to Namibia, highlighted that the EU is committed to empower the youth in giving them better opportunities to address current challenges. “The EU works with its multilateral and local partners to ensure that the youth around the world acquire new skills to contribute to a common brighter present and future,” HE Antila went on to say.

Furthermore, HE Antila was proud to announce the successful launch of their 2021-2027 Erasmus Plus Scholarship Programme which offers mobility and cooperation opportunities in higher education, vocational education, school education and sport. “The Erasmus Plus Scholarship Programme budget for 2021-2027 has increased to €26.2 billion compared to €14.7 billion for 2014-2020,” she elaborated.

Friday, May 7, 2021
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May, 2021

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