Five qualifications awarded for the first time

Last week, thousands of students received diplomas and degrees at the Institution’s Graduation Ceremony, that was held in Windhoek. More than 100 qualifications were awarded, including five new qualifications, signifying the steady growth of the University’s offerings.

The new qualifications are in various fields, namely, Bachelor of Health Information Systems Management; Bachelor of Science Honours (Applied Mathematics, Applied Statistics, Applied Chemistry, Applied Physics, Biology, Biotechnology); Master of Health Sciences; Master of Architecture, and Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science.

A word from the Minister
“As you may all be aware, the rapidly changing technology landscape, in particular, the use of High Performance Computing, complex modeling using Big Data sets, in the context of challenging cyber-security concerns, has altered the demand for certain occupations and skills. New skills that are required, include problem-solving, networking, entrepreneurship, managing complex processes and life-long learning skills. This new digitalised world with unprecedented opportunities is a reality that our universities must respond to with targeted relevant programmes,” remarked Hon Dr Itah Kandjii-Murangi, Minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation.

Hats off to the Chairperson
The term of the current Chairperson of the NUST Council, Adv Esi Schimming-Chase, will end in August 2019, and during her remarks at the ceremony, she reminisced on the three-year journey.

“Each of the Council members have brought something special and different to the team, from their own specific area of expertise. They all know and have experienced my motto and brand, that honest conflict has more social value than dishonest harmony, and that transparency, integrity and authenticity are the most important tenets of our fiduciary duties,” she said.

“I take this moment to thank my fellow Council members for their commitment, work and dedication at NUST,” she added. In response, Morné du Toit, NUST Acting Vice-Chancellor, said: “On behalf of the University, staff, students and Namibia as a whole, we thank you for the contributions and sacrifices you have made to bring us to this day.”

Friday, May 3, 2019
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May, 2019

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