Faculty rolls out COVID-19 Care Project for learners

The Faculty of Management Sciences through the Department of Marketing and Logistics, donated items to the School of the Hearing Impaired to aid the fight against COVID-19. The Department joined the nation in taking steps to decrease the spread of the virus amongst learners in Namibia, by donating sanitisers, masks, wipes, hand gloves, tissues, water bottles and other items, all valued at N$5 000.

These items were sourced from sponsorships made by businesses and individuals as part of the Department’s community outreach ‘COVID-19 Care Package’ project.
The School of the Hearing Impaired caters to 156 pupils who experience hearing loss or partial hearing from grades 1 to 9. The school also offers pre-vocational training for hairdressing, woodwork and construction.

A lecturer and the Chairperson of the Departments’ community engagement project, Ms Bianca van Niekerk, said the project is specifically aimed to ensure that workers and teachers in disadvantaged areas are able to efficiently and effectively continue with work during this pandemic.

“This gesture is meant to empower the teachers because we understand that empowered teachers can in turn empower learners to become educated and responsible University students in the near future,” said Van Niekerk.

A senior staff member at the school, Mr Erickson Reynold, expressed gratitude to the Department for working side-by side with communities to improve learning outcomes for pupils through its COVID-19 response project.

“The COVID-19 Care Package project is imperative to the persistence and functionality of the school’s academic year since its aim corresponds with the motto of our school, which stands for education, empowerment and prosperity for the learners with hearing impairments and communication difficulties,” said Reynold.

“We now have the opportunity to safely continue with the academic year and assist the learners in all academic phases to steadily continue with their studies. We thank the Marketing and Logistics Department for their generous support during these times and hope to engage with you again in the future,” he remarked.

The project was initiated in April this year and it will run throughout the course of 2020.It was established to identify the needs of teachers and learners, be it in the form of facilitating training workshops, or donating food and hygeine products. The project forms part of the Department’s community engagement activities. To make contributions or get more information, send an email to bvanniekerk@nust.na

Tuesday, July 21, 2020
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July, 2020

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