Engineering staff enhance wastewater management skills

Five staff members from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DCEE), in the Faculty of Engineering, undertook a short training course on wastewater management. The online training was facilitated using DHI Denmark: Mike-WEST simulation modelling software. The wastewater treatment software is widely used for treatment plant operation management and performance assessment. It was availed to NUST, at no cost, courtesy of DHI Denmark, an international software development consultant firm.

Under the DCEE, various programmes are on offer in Water Engineering, and the software will be incorporated into programmes offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The management of wastewater is essential to ensure wastewater is treated sufficiently, prior to it being disposed off into the environment.

This ensures that the pollution of scarce water resources are limited, and public health is protected.
“The aim of the training is to equip staff with the knowledge of how to use the software for academic and research purposes done in the field of wastewater treatment,” said Dr Chris Reynders, a Senior Lecturer in the Department who organised and also took part in the training.

He added that: “The package allows for modelling of integrated urban water systems (IUWS) holistically, incorporating treatment
functions, collection systems and river catchments for optimal systems performance management.

With a systems approach, a scope exists; to explore new and innovative water and wastewater treatment related technologies and associated water quality levels. This is of particular interest to arid and semi-arid countries where scarce water resources have to be efficiently managed.”

In agreement, Ms Truddy Theron-Beukes, also a lecturer in DCEE, said: “Wastewater treatment entails complicated processes with various bacteria species doing the work and learning to model these processes was an enlightening experience. It improved my skill levels and can be used to make teaching easier.”

The four-day online course was presented by Drs Fabio Polesel and Enrico Remigi, Wastewater Process Modellers at DHI Denmark.

“The Windhoek Goreangab Operating Company (WINGOC), sponsored the training course and this gesture is highly appreciated,” concluded Dr Reynders, on behalf of the team.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020
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July, 2020

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