AIESEC Facilitates Internship in Portugal

Elia Sangunji (ES), a Polytechnic student and an AIESEC member finds himself in Portugal doing an internship thanks to AIESEC.

An acronym for International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences, AIESEC is the global youth network impacting the world through leadership development experiences. It provides its members access to global internships and leadership opportunities at their respective campuses and abroad. Sangunji, is a final year student enrolled in the Bachelor Information Technology Software Engineering programme.

Sangunji started his internship in August 2014 and will continue until January 2015. He is working at Coimfor Lda, a software company. Although the company is based in Portugal, it has clients in African countries, including Namibia. Other students doing internships through AIESEC are from Brazil, China, Armenia and Korea.

AIESEC realises the internship opportunities with their vast network of partnerships. Their role is to provide information and assistance with integration and orientation of students. Although Sangunji paid flight and visa costs with his savings and assistance from his family, he said the experience he is gaining will broaden his horizons and thus is worth his investment. He said the remuneration from his internship is sufficient to cover all basic needs such as accommodation, meals and local transport for the duration of the internship.

Below is his conversation with IR News about his internship:

IRN: Share some of the highlights (good and bad) of your trip.

ES: The greatest asset in Portugal, I believe, is the people. They are very accommodating and friendly. Always concerned about your wellbeing and always willing to help. There were some adjustments I needed to make like driving on the right! Namibian working hours are completely different compared to Portugal’s 9am to 7pm with a two hour lunch in between. The public transport system is very different too. In Namibia we use taxis for public transport but in Portugal I had to use the Metro (bus) system which come according to schedule. Taxis are more expensive to use. This was the most difficult adjustment. But all this was made up for by the great food one finds in Portugal. Nothing can compare to Portuguese food, it is simply the best!

IRN: What benefits have you experienced from being an AIESEC NAMIBIA member?

ES: AIESEC is one of the greatest student networks as it has a chapter in every continent. There are students in other AIESEC chapters who want to welcome visiting students from other parts of the world therefore one ends up having a vast network of friends from all over the world as well as developing interpersonal skills. I have and still am experiencing a global experience with AIESEC!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014
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October, 2014

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