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2021 Official Opening Ceremony

Official Opening Ceremony
Theme: Re-envisioning Higher Education in a Post-Covid Era

Date: Monday, 15 March 2021
Time: 09:00 - 11:00
Venue: NUST Lower Campus (in front of Engineering Basement)

Director of Ceremonies
Ms Delila Katanga
Station Manager: NUST FM

Update to all Senior International Students

Department of International Relations

  • The   Executive   Committee   (EXCO)   of   the   Namibia   University   of   Science   and   Technology  (NUST)  has  granted  permission  to  the  Office  of  the  Registrar  to  allow  Senior International Students to register earlier than scheduled, during the period  23 to 26 February 2021.
  • The  decision  was  granted  to  enable  Senior  International  Students  to  obtain  their  Proof  of  Registration,  and  to  apply  for  Student  Permits  before  the  expiry  of  their  Student Permits on 28 February 2021.
  • Senior International Students who will not utilise the opportunity to register during the approved period namely, 23 to 26 February 2021, will have to apply for Visitors Permit, and pay N$ 580 to legalise their stay in Namibia. .
  • Senior International Students who have completed their studies, and will not register for the 2021 Academic Year at NUST, and will leave to their home countries within the first week of March 2021, should urgently submit their names to the Department of International Relations, or The Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security (MHAISS) has committed to facilitate their smooth exit.
  • The  University  urges  all  International  Students  who  will  not  register  for  the  2021  Academic Year, and will leave to their countries of origin, to do so within the first week of March. Staying for a longer period will have legal implications.
  • Engineering  Senior  Students  who  are  not  able  to  register  during  the  period  23  to  26 February 2021, in view of their Semester extension, are encouraged to apply for Visitors Permit at own cost.
  • Kindly also take note that the Ministry has extended the Student Permit Applications until 15 April 2021.
  • Students need to submit their Permit applications at the Ministry Head Office in the mornings.
  • This announcement replaces the last announcement entitled: Urgent Announcement to all International Students issued on 12 February 2021.


Mrs Theodora Nandjaa-Mweuta
Coordinator: International Relations
T: 061 207 2494

NUST Teaching and Learning: 2021 Academic Year
Pocket Wi-Fi Devices for First Year Students and NSFAF Beneficiaries
Financial Matters for the 2021 Registration Process
Urgent Information to all International Students


  1. This serves to inform, that the University has officially communicated with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security about Student Permits of Senior Students that are expiring on 28 February 2021.
  2. Upon receipt of the information, the Ministry has directed that Senior Students whose Permits are expiring on the 28th of February 2021, must apply for a Visitor Entry Permit before 28 February 2021 (at own cost) to legalise their stay in Namibia at the Ministry.
  3. The Ministry has also urgently requested the list of all Senior Students who are affected, before Wednesday, 17 February 2021.
  4. If you are affected by the expiry, kindly and urgently forward your name to:
  5. Regarding New International Students who will be studying at NUST while based in Namibia, kindly apply for your Student Permit at the Ministry Head Office in Independence Avenue. Officials from the Ministry will not come to NUST, as it has been a practice in the past. Please take along Proof of Registration or Provisional Admission Letter.
  6. The Department would also like to provide information about Student Permit applications of International Students who will be studying virtually in their countries of origin.
  7. The Ministry has informed, that for International Students who will be studying virtually in their home countries, there is no need to apply for Student Permits.
  8. These students, however, will have to apply for Short-term Student Permits that are issued within 10 days from the date of application when coming to the University for face-to-face instruction, and to write tests and examinations.
  9. The Ministry has, however, kindly advised that International Students who wish to have their Student Permits over the duration of their studies are encouraged to do so to avoid inconveniences.
JLU Virtual International Programme

Interested NUST  students  are invited to   apply  for “Virtual International Programme” (VIP) for international students interested in a virtual exchange experience at JLU during summer term 2021. Students are welcome to apply until February 15, 2021!.


The VIP invites international students around the world to gain international study experience as complement of their studies in their home countries. International students get to choose one or more seminars and lectures from a varied study catalogue taught completely online. This offer includes over 80 online courses from all 11 faculties at JLU at undergraduate and graduate level, held in English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, or Ukrainian language. As the offer is part of the regular JLU curriculum, international students enrolled will benefit from an international learning environment.


In addition to the specialized courses, our VIP offers interdisciplinary online courses and 45 exclusive places in an online German language course for beginners. Upon successful completion of the virtual exchange semester, international students will receive a Transcript of Records with credit points from JLU. Participation in the “Virtual International Programme” at JLU is free of charge for students from our partner universities.


Attached you find an overview of the “Virtual International Programme” at JLU as well as our course offer. Students are able to apply for the programme up to February 15, 2021. The courses start in mid-April 2021. For further information about the course offer and the application process, please visit


Please contact  JLU  Mobility Team for inquiries about the programme, the course selection or the application process:


Justus Liebig University Giessen

International Office

Mobility Team

Tel.: +49 641-99 12131/32

Robing Ceremony of NUST Vice-Chancellor, Dr Erold Naomab

Library Internet Cafe closed



Due to a critical system upgrade, the Internet Cafe and student labs on the fourth floor at the Library will be closed on Friday, 29 January 2021. OPAC and E-resources computers will not be affected.


Telephone:                 +264 61 207 2484

Cell + WhatsApp        +264 81 249 7885



B360 Online Career Starter Programme

The Career Starter Programme offers participants the unique opportunity to work with international and local professionals to gain valuable knowledge of and insight into the working world. This is in preparation for job interviews and life as a young professional. Participants will learn about organizational structure, effective planning, the value of teamwork and soft-skills to get a competitive edge.

Date: Monday, 22 February 2021
Duration: Six (6) Weeks
Registration Deadline:
Monday, 12 February 2021
Eligibility Criteria:
NUST, UNAM or IUM graduates

Difference between the Make-Up Assessment and Supplementary Assessment - Semester 2, 2020.

Make-Up Assessment:

Students, who have missed one or more of the written (test) assessments, will be allowed access to the make‐up assessment. The make‐up assessment mark will replace the missed test mark. In the case of more than one missed test, the make‐up assessment mark will replace the missed test mark which carries the highest weight.  Students, who have missed an assignment even with the grace period allowed with a valid  reason, will be allowed an additional assignment.


Supplementary Assessment:

This assessment will only take place towards the end of the course and after all the assessments have been conducted in line with eAssessment Guidelines. The dates will be communicated to all students well in advance.  Students, who have done all assessments (including the make-up) and did not obtain the final mark of 50% to pass the course, will be allowed access to the supplementary assessment. The mark for the supplementary assessment will replace the final  mark.  However, the final mark may not be more than 50% in the course for such a student.

Public Engagement: Topic: Promoting Cleaner Fuels and Efficient Vehicles in Namibia

Date: Thursday, 26 November 2020

Time: 17:30 - 20:00

Venue: Auditorium 1, NUST Lower Campus


Call for Articles Nawa Journal of Language and Communication

Nawa Journal of Language and Communication

Special Issue: This volume will be devoted to Health Communication. We welcome articles which address the COVID-19 pandemic.

NAWA Journal of Language and Communication is published bi-annually by the Faculty of Human Sciences at Namibia University of Science and Technology. It is a peer-reviewed (double-blind) journal whose goal is to advance knowledge in human language, communication and literature. The journal publishes academic articles dealing with practical research findings, pedagogical methodologies, critical analyses and theoretical perspectives in language, literature and communication and related disciplines such as linguistics and information and communication technologies. NAWA journal encourages research without boundaries in languages, literature and communication and related areas.

Deadline for submission: Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Certificate Collection for November 2020 Graduates

Kindly note that the certificates for the 2020 November graduates will be issued from Thursday, 30 November until Friday, 04 December 2020. However, the certificates for students whose marks and names were submitted to the Examinations Department after the due date of Friday, 06 November 2020, will not be available and will not be issued during the above-mentioned period.

Graduates affected by this delay will be contacted to collect their certificates as soon as they are available. For  clarity,  graduates  may  contact  their  respective  Faculty  Officers  regarding  the  submission  of  marks  and names to the Examinations Department.

Issuing of certificates is scheduled as follows:
Date:    Monday, 30 November - Friday, 04 December 2020
Time:   08:00 - 16:00
Venue: Lecture Building, NUST Main Campus

Additional Notes:
1. Candidates with unsettled accounts should first pay their outstanding fees and submit their receipts to Student Debtors for clearance:
2.  Students  outside  Windhoek  should submit  their  names  via  email  or  telephone  to  the  nearest  NUST  Regional Centre, for collection.
3.  All  persons  entering  the  NUST  premises,  at  any  given  time,  should  adhere  to  the  COVID-19  national  guidelines.
4.  There  will  be  no  rental  of  graduation  hoods.  Candidates  that  are  interested  in  purchasing  hoods  for  N$200, should send an email to or call +264 61 207 2056

Call for Articles Nawa Journal

Call for articles, NAWA Journal of Language and Communication, Special Issue volume 13 number 2, (ISSN: 1993-3835).

Deadline for submission of articles is Monday, 30 November 2020.

Update for International Partners

This communication serves to provide an update to our international partner universities and institutions regarding the current coronavirus situation in Namibia, and possible implications on staff and student exchanges.

As reported previously, the State of Emergency, through which His Excellency the President of the Republic Namibia has declared COVID-19, as a natural disaster, has lapsed on the 17 September 2020. New COVID-19 Public Health Regulations, as per the Public and Environmental Health Act of 2015, have come into operation from 24 September 2020 and was extended to Monday, 30 November 2020.

Against this background, the following COVID-19 Restrictive and other measures are currently in place:

  • Institutions of higher education are allowed to have face-to-face classes.
  • Non-Namibian citizens may enter the Namibia for business, educational, health or tourism purposes.
  • All travellers, including tourists, business travellers, Namibians and Namibian permit holders, who arrive in Namibia with a negative PCR test result, that is not older than 72-hours, will be permitted to their final destination in the Country.
  • All travellers who arrive in Namibia with a negative PCR test result that is older than 72 hours, but not older than 7 days, will be permitted to enter the Country. However, they will be required to undergo a 7-day supervised quarantine at home or tourism facility. In the event that these environments do not fulfil quarantine requirements, the travellers will be placed under mandatory quarantine at Government approved facilities at own cost.
  • Non-Namibians who do not present a negative COVID-19 PCR test results, will not be granted entry into the Country.
  • Returning Namibian citizens or permit holders may enter the Country with or without a COVID-19 PCR test result.
  • In the event that such persons present a positive test result or no result at all, they will be subjected to mandatory quarantine and testing or isolation after arrival. This provision shall also apply to aircraft and marine vessel crew members, humanitarian aid workers, essential services providers, as well as operators and drivers of cross-border transport vehicles who arrive in the Country without the requisite test.
  • Ethiopia Airlines, Eurowings, West Air and Air Links are operating to and from Namibia, others might follow.
  • Wearing of masks whenever in a public place, sanitising of hands, and 1.5m social distancing are compulsory.
  • Gatherings are limited to not more than 200 persons.

Kindly take note that teaching and learning during the 2021 Academic Year at the University will be mainly through Remote Teaching, Learning and Assessment (RTLA). Only students who have practical/laboratory courses might be required to come to campus from time to time.Also take note that registration for new students for the First Semester for the 2021 Academic Year begins on Monday, 8 February 2021.

The Department of International Relations will continue to update our international partner universities and institutions about future developments.

We thank you for your continued collaboration and support.

NUST Virtual 2020 Graduation Ceremony

Theme: ‘Innovation for Economic Revitalisation’

The 2020 NUST November Graduation Ceremony is coming to you. The prestigious ceremony gives graduates the opportunity to celebrate the culmination of all their efforts - to truly absorb their new status and the start of a new chapter.

The event will take place virtually on the NUST Facebook page. The traditional event will not be held due to the COVID-19 national guidelines, but we simply cannot let this special moment pass by. Be sure to tune in!

Date: Friday, 20 November 2020
Time: 11h00
Venue: NUST Facebook Page - @NUSTNamibia


  • Motivational Speech from Hon Dr Peya Mushelenga, Minister of Information and Communications Technology. Hon Mushelenga holds 10 university degrees.
  • Over 1000 graduates
2020 November Virtual Graduation Ceremony
Online NUST Graduate Survey

Online NUST Graduate Survey

The Alumni and NUST Foundation, in collaboration with the Harold Pupkewitz- Graduate School of Business, cordially invites all graduates to participate in the Global Leadership and Organisational Behaviour Effectiveness (GLOBE) Survey.

The GLOBE research project is a continuation of 20 years of collaborative work that examines relationships among societal culture, leadership and organisational practices around the world.

For more information and to participate in the survey, follow the link below:

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