As you know, the University has put several strategies in place to ensure that students, including you as a distance education student, are in a position to continue with their studies and complete the 2020 academic year successfully. The novel coronavirus COVID‐19 disruptions unfortunately led to the closure of the NUST Campus and the Regional Centres for student access until further notice. This pandemic disrupted not only the education system at NUST but also our lives.

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Work Integrated Learning Semester 1 2020 Students

As you have realised by now, the 2020 academic year is not running as smoothly as we all wished it would, due to the Corona pandemic that is influencing the global community. At NUST we are trying our very best to ensure that the academic year can be completed and therefore certain decisions regarding WIL need to take place within your respective faculties and departments. As Work Integrated Learning forms an integral part of all academic programmes, the lockdown influenced a large number of you negatively as some of you were not allowed to remain at your placement site.

With all of you now back in the office and teaching and learning that will resume on Monday, 11th May, COLL wish to kindly ask you to please respond to the request made a few weeks ago. Those that have responded can ignore the email.

The request is that you need to give an indication about the status and progress of your Work Integrated Learning for this semester – how far are you and whether you will need an extension or not.

When you respond to the email, kindly do the following:
Indicate your Student Number, Programme and Option, i.e. Extension/Cancellation/In progress. Send your response to Ms Bernadette Cloete, E-mail: for Work Integrated Learning (Marketing, Business Management, Business Information and Administration & Human Resource Management programmes. The status for Work Integrated Learning (Accounting, English, Communication, Logistics, Transport, Public Management and Economics should be sent to Ms Linda Shipiki @ by Friday, 08 May 2020 at 17:00, as we need to get an estimation of extensions before it is then submitted to the Registrar’s office.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ms Bernadette Cloete, Ms Linda Shipiki or your Student Support Officer for further information.

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