Vision and Mission


A premier technological university known for knowledge creation, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


An engaged and responsive university, meeting the needs of stakeholders through excellent education, applied research, innovation and service.


Excellence:  Excellence is the cornerstone of our operations through the delivery of relevant and responsive education.
Institutional Autonomy and Academic Freedom:  We espouse the fundamental
values of the freedom to set and implement our own policies and priorities for teaching, research, and community service and freedom of enquiry for students and staff members to pursue their research, teaching, and learning activities.

Collegiality:  We support and promote the principle and culture of collegiality and integrity among staff members, united with a common purpose of collectively achieving our vision and mission.
Accountability and Sustainability:  Reflection of sustainability, through exercising prudency and accountability in all facets of our operations is one of our enshrined values for progressive growth and development.
Diversity:  We strongly embrace, uphold and implement the doctrine of diversity in all our endeavours as entrenched in the constitution of the Republic of Namibia.



The NUST Strategic Plan 2021-2025 presents a framework for developing and articulating the community’s desire to solidify the Institution’s reputation as a modern, state-of-the-art technological university/university of science and technology in Africa.

By 2025, the progress towards the NUST Vision will be reflected in the following:

1. A respectable ranking among the top ten technological / science and technology universities in Africa, validating the quality of teaching, research and services, and accredited programmes benchmarked internationally.

2. The successful integration of technology in teaching, learning and services in academic programmes as reflected in the:

  • pioneering of new methodologies and pedagogical innovations in online and blended learning;
  • overall growth in the enrollments in technological qualifications and technologisation of qualifications;
  • annual increase in the number of international students enrolled in the NUST qualifications through technological means.

3. A qualifications profile comprising 175 qualifications: 8 Certificates, 7 Diplomas, 44 Bachelors, 15 Professional Bachelors, 10 Postgraduate Diplomas/Certificates, 37 Bachelor Honours, 42 Masters, and 12 Doctoral degrees. This shows a marked growth toward postgraduate qualifications.

4. A total enrollment of 18 426 across the six (6) Faculties: 14 022 undergraduate and 4 404 graduate, with 48% enrolled in the STEM disciplines and at least 10% classified as international. In addition, the University will boast:

  • a first-year student retention rate of 83% and overall student retention rate of 84%;
  • an overall undergraduate pass rate of 68.8%;
  • a 43.2% overall graduation rate.

5. A staff complement comprising 526 academic, 453 administrative, and 34 technical staff.

6. Each academic department having at least three international partnerships, with two focused on joint research, while each research cluster will have an internationally-funded graduate studies programme.

7. All programmes incorporating elements of internships or community service to develop the student’s competencies through acquiring critical knowledge and skills.

8. Each Faculty having at least three active partnerships with industry, providing staff opportunities to engage in advisory services, conduct industry-sponsored research, and develop solutions, prototypes and patents.

9. Consistent growth in third stream annual income: 10% in research income, 10% in industry-sourced consultancy income, and 10% income from commercialisation activities.

10. At least five student and graduate spin-off or start-ups per year from 2021.

11. A commitment to best practices of good governance and management to transform the institutional culture toward excellence by creating a vibrant and engaging ecosystem.

12. A commitment to environmental responsiveness and sustainability. This will be expressed in the way the Institution conducts business in the design and offerings of academic programmes.

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