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Social Welfare Services

NUST Social Welfare Services

This section focuses on social problems and promotes good mental health for students. The Social Welfare Services provides the following social welfare development workshops: (1) Relationships; (2) Date Rape and Secual Harassment; (3) Stress Management; and (4) Self-esteem. It also provides the following social welfare programmes (1) New Student Orientation; (2) Violence Against Women and Children; and (3) Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Social Welfare Development Workshops


Many students are involved with relationships during their studies at the NUST. The relationships workshop focuses on aspects of a healthy relationship and the character of an unhealthy relationship.


Family Planning also known as contraception or birth control are an important intervention for reducing or prevention of unwanted pregnancies, maternal illnesses and maternal deaths. This is also a conscious effort of couples to regulate the number and spacing of births. It improves the wellbeing of women and their families. The family planning workshop includes the different types of methods such as oral contraception, injections, implants, female and male sterilization, intrauterine devices, the correct use of male and female condoms, abstinence and the importance of regular Pap smear and breast examinations.

Infections which are transmitted during unprotected sexual intercourse via the vagina, anus and orally.


The NUST is committed towards strengthening the community's response to sexual assault, stalking, domestic violence and date rape related crimes. A workshop on the legal and emotional aspects of date rape and sexual harassment is facilitated each year.


Stress is an everyday fact of life. Stress is any change that you must adapt to, ranging from the negative extreme of actual physical danger to the exhilaration of falling in love or achieving some long-desired success. The stress management workshop focuses on equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle stress related situations and events.


The Social Welfare Services is committed toward promoting good mental health amongst students. One of the most prominent concerns in students is low self-esteem that results in depression, unhappiness, insecurity and poor confidence. The Self-esteem workshop focuses on skills that students can use to improve their self-esteem.

Social Welfare Services Program(s)


The New Student Orientation provides a platform for new, transfer and international students with the opportunity to become familiar and to acquaint themselves with the procedures and processes in place before classes begins.


Women and children are subjected to physical and psychological abuse that cuts across the lines of income, race and culture. A programme held each by the Department of Student Services sensitize and empower the student population with knowledge on the negative effects of violence against women, men and children.


Although alcohol is a legalized substance, it is still a substance of abuse. The programme on alcohol and substance abuse provides and disseminate information on the effects of alcohol, factors of alcoholism and treatment. It focuses on types of drugs such as narcotics, barbiturates, tranquillizers, amphetamines, cocaine, hallucinogens, marijuana, caffeine and nicotine and their effects.