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Topic: What is Collaboration & Economic Success in a Changing World?

Rather than focus on solutions, Warm Data Labs encourage a group of people to make better sense of the complexity that emerges from numerous different perspectives and contexts. It offers a trans-contextual approach and aides in strengthening the capacity to perceive, understand and work with complex issues. A Warm Data Lab is a platform for raising questions and developing understanding of a complex issue.

Warm Data Labs allow those participating to discuss an identified topic by moving between different contexts throughout the Lab. By means of small group dialogues and free movement, the Lab’s participants generate a high level of interaction and input, and insights and questions are harvested.

Nora Bateson, the creator of the terms “Warm Data” and “Warm Data Lab”, first used the term “Warm Data” in a meeting in January, 2012. Warm Data and Warm Data Labs have now been used for more than 7 years and have reached a wide acceptance in research and science communities, as well as across public and private sectors.

If you are interested in generating new insights and wish to develop an understanding of the complexity of the future of work and the economy, then join our Warm Data Lab!



Date: Friday, 07 February 2020
Time: 07:00 (Registration and Breakfast)
Venue: NUST Hotel School
Registration Fee: N$ 450 (Breakfast Included)

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