Accommodation, Sport and Culture

1. Accommodation

Hostel accomondation provides quality living quarters. There are three (3) hostels with a capacity of 440 beds. There are two (2) female hostels and one (1) male hostel. The three (3) Hostel Superintendents are assisted by ten (10) Housing Committee (HC) Members.

New Hostel Student Orientation

The New Hostel Student Orientation provides a platform for hostel students to become familiar with hostel rules and regulations.

Christmas in October

The Christmas -in- October isan annual event organized by the Suprintendents and House Committe Members, under the auspices of the Department of Student Services. The event only caters for hostel students. The purpose of the event is to create an opportunity for the hostel students to get together before the exams and to create an atmosphere of Christmas, where the hostel as a whole can enjoy a Christmas dinner. This also serves as a farewell dineer to the hostel students.


2. Sport & Culture

2.1 Sports

Sport activities provide students with a well-balanced and stimulating extra-curricular environment. It provides a platform for students to participate in a variety of sports. Students are encouraged to explore their sport talents. The Trophy Award Ceremony recognizes both sport and cultural achievements.

Sports Clubs

  1. Athletics
  2. Basketball
  3. Karate
  4. Netball
  5. Soccer
  6. Tennis
  7. Volleyball
  8. Chess
  9. Hockey
  10. Rugby

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2.2 Culture

Cultural Festival

The Cultural Festival provides students with a platform to express their Cultural heritage. Extra-curricular activities are viral to each student's education. The Cultural Festival is a weeklog event of fun and entertainment, which culminates in the crowning of Miss and Mr NUST.

Cultural Societies

  1. Herero traditional dance group
  2. Ovambo traditional dance group
  3. Damara/Nama traditional dance group
  4. Kavango traditional dance group
  5. Caprivi traditional dance group
  6. Tswana traditional dance group
  7. Coloured traditional dance group
  8. Angola traditional dance group

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International Cuisine

The International Cuisine, just like the Miss & Mr NUST, coincides with the Cultural Festival. The guests and students enjoy themselves with the variety of international, African and Local dishes that are prepared by students and staff of the NUST. We also host several Embassies, such as USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Zambia, South Africa, Botswana, Congo, China, Nigeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ghana & Kenya.

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Trophy Award Ceremony

The Trophy Award Ceremony is a program which gives recognition to students who have excelled in sports and culture.

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