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Full Time
NQF Level 8, Credits 594

Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering

Course Overview

Mechanical Engineering covers a vast range of activities from simple hand tools to spacecraft. Areas of study cover mechanisms, the use of heat to deliver work and the reverse process, the factors influencing the strength of components of machines and structures, manufacturing processes and design of components. Graduates of the programme are equipped with a range of knowledge that will enable employment in a broad range of industries, from consulting engineering to mining and from industry to transport.

Admissions Requirements

30 points in 5 subjects including A-symbols in Mathematics, Physical Science and English on NSSC Ordinary level or a pass in atleast 4 N5/N6 subjects with atleast 40% in each including Mathematics and Physics equivalent subject or a pass of the inSTEM programme.

Career Opportunities

Engineering technologists in areas of mechanical engineering regarding mechanical design, energy conversion, materials testing, manufacturing processes, product safety and reliability.

Some of the Subjects You Will Study

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Semester 1 (S1)

EMS1100         Engineering Mechanics (Statics) 1**                         Introduction to Physics

                                                                                                                              Introduction to Mathematics Module 2

                                                                                                                              Language in Practice B/English in Practice

EAP511S           English for Academic Purposes                                    Language in Practice B/English in Practice

ELE111S            Electrical Engineering 1                                                  Introduction to Mathematics Module 2

                                                                                                                              Introduction to Physics

                                                                                                                              Language in Practice B/English in Practice

MAT111S         Mathematics 1**                                                              Introduction to Mathematics Module 2

                                                                                                                              Language in Practice B/English in Practice

CAD1100          Computer Aided Draughting**                                    Engineering Graphics

                                                                                                                              Language in Practice B/English in Practice
WPR1100         Workshop Practice                                                            Engineering Skills Module 2

                                                                                                                              Language in Practice B/English in Practice

**Communication Skills is available on Distance Education Mode, but if this option is taken than the Vacation Schools are compulsory.


Semester 2 (S2)

FMC1200         Fluid Mechanics 2**                                                        Engineering Mechanics 1

                                                                                                                              Mathematics 1

                                                                                                                              English for Academic Purposes

EMP1200         Engineering Mechanics (Particle                                 Mathematics 1

                             Dynamics) 2**                                                                    English for Academic Purposes         

MAT120S         Mathematics 2**                                                              Mathematics 1

                                                                                                                              English for Academic Purposes         

DEM1200         Design and Manufacture 2**                                       Computer Aided Draughting

                                                                                                                              English for Academic Purposes         


MOM1200      Mechanics of Materials 2**                                          Engineering Mechanics 1

                                                                                                                              Mathematics 1

                                                                                                                              English for Academic Purposes         

TDY1200           Thermodynamics 2**                                                      Engineering Mechanics 1

                                                                                                                              Mathematics 1

                                                                                                                              English for Academic Purposes         

** Core S1/S2 Courses


Progression Rule No 2: The student must have passed all first year Engineering courses to proceed to relevant Engineering Practice. The student may not enroll for any full time courses whilst doing Engineering Practice. In case the student was granted exception, according to the conditions of the exception rule, he/she may only enroll for a maximum of one full time course per semester, subject to the written approval of employer /bursary giver.

Note: Engineering Practice could be done at any time after successful completion of first year Engineering courses.


Semester 3 (P1)

MPR2100         Mechanical Engineering Practice 1                             See progression rule no 2  


Semester 4 (P2)

MPR2200         Mechanical Engineering Practice 2                             Mechanical Engineering Practice 1  


Semester 5 (S3)

FMC310S         Fluid Mechanics 3                                                              Fluid Mechanics 2

                                                                                                                              Mathematics 2     

EMR310S         Engineering Mechanics 3A                                             Engineering Mechanics

                            (Rigid Body Dynamics)                                                     (Particle Dynamics) 2

                                                                                                                              Mathematics 2     

MAT311S        Mathematics 3                                                                    Mathematics 2     

DEM310S        Design and Manufacture 3A                                          Design and Manufacture 2

                                                                                                                              Mathematics 2     

MOM310S      Mechanics of Materials 3A                                            Mechanics of Materials 3A

                                                                                                                              Mathematics 2     

TDY310S          Thermodynamics 3A                                                        Thermodynamics 2

                                                                                                                              Mathematics 2     


Semester 6 (S4)

ENT3400          Entrepreneurship and Management                         None

FMC320S         Fluid Mechanics 3B                                                           Fluid Mechanics 3A              

MEP320S         Mechanical Engineering Design                                   Project    Design and Manufacture 3A               

TOM320S        Theory of Machines 3A                                                   Engineering Mechanics (Rigid Body Dynamics)

MOM320S      Mechanics of Materials 3B                                             Mechanics of Materials 3A                 

ICE320S            Internal Combustion Engines                                        Thermodynamics 3A


Semester 7 (S5)

Progression Rule No. 4:  The student must have successfully completed all courses from S3/S4-Level (ND) to proceed to B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering.


Code                  Course Title                                                                          Prerequisite

Core courses (Compulsory)

MVN410S        Mechanical Vibration and Noise 4                             Theory of Machines

MOM410S      Mechanics of Materials 4                                               Mechanics of Materials 3B

HTF410S           Heat Transfer 4**                                                             Internal Combustion Engines             

MEP410S         Mechanical Engineering Project 4A                           None


Semester 8 (S6)

Core Courses (compulsory)

COS410S          Control Systems 4                                                             Theory of Machines

FMC420S         Fluid Mechanics 4**                                                        Fluid Mechanics 3B              

MEP420S         Mechanical Engineering Project 4B                           Mechanical Engineering Project 4A



ESA410S           Experimental Stress Analysis*                                     Mechanics of Materials 4

RAC410S           Refrigeration and Air Conditioning*                          Thermodynamics 3A

MAT410S         Mathematics 4                                                                   Mathematics 3

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