Promoting multi-disciplinary skills amongst women

NUST’s Fabrication Laboratory (FABlab), launched a multi-disciplinary pilot student exchange programme in partnership with the Durban University of Science and Technology ( DUT) . The project focuses on female students, with the objective to uplift women in fields that are commonly male-dominated.

The programme engages students in the Computing and Informatics as well as Engineering Faculties at NUST that collaborate on joint product development with students from the Art and Design Faculty at DUT .

The pilot programme requires students, three from each institution, to spend two weeks working on innovative projects such as developing their own micro-controller space circuit boards. FABlab has already hosted the students for the first part of the two-week period, where the team designed electronic products. The second part will be spent at DUT at the end of June, where the next phase of the product development will take place. The finished products will be exhibited at the annual DUT DigiFest in November.

The DUT DigiFest is a platform that showcases a series of live art activations, exhibitions, innovations, panel discussions, workshops, music, theatre, poetry, amongst others.
“We need to boost the innovative mindset and produce tangible output. The future of the workforce, and of new-age entrepreneurs, will be that of fusionists and hybrid operators,” said Kirstin Wiedow , the Director of FABlab.

The pilot will continue until November 2017 and if the outcome is favourable, a new phase will be launched in 2018.

Teams will be given the opportunity to collaborate with the Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK) Labs in Finland, and the final products will be showcased at the renowned International Symposium on Electronic Art in Durban next year.

Friday, June 9, 2017
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June, 2017

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