NUST lecturer selected to conduct research for Mercedes

Himeezembi Kahorongo, a Computer Science Lecturer at NUST and alumnus of the Institution, has been selected by Daimler AG in Germany to undertake a PhD degree in Computer Science through the “Mission to Mars” project. Himeezembi is the only candidate from Africa and he was selected in the top five among 23 scholars from around the world.

Kahorongo will be conducting research on “mega-trends and their implications for future organisational development” with the Mercedes-Benz Cars (MBC) Organisation Development Department.

The Department is responsible for providing the best possible consulting and strategic support services to their MBC Executives.

Their goal is to strengthen organisational development for Mercedes-Benz along the entire value chain through research and radical innovation in the fields of trend scouting, product and business model development. This will be done by building up a new InnoLab team comprised of trend scouts, change architects and business astronauts.

Prior to the selection, Kahorongo spent a week in Germany where he was tested on a variety of topics such as an innovative mind, leadership and creativity. They also had workshops and pitched ideas. “Our team won second prize for the ‘pitch of ideas’ event. MBC was looking for only five PhD candidates who shared their vision to focus their theses on the following up-and-coming megatrends: Digitalisation, Ubiquitous Intelligence, Co-Creation and Sharing Economy, Mass Individualisation, Startup Spirit, Agility and Rapid Innovation,” Kahorongo said.

His task will involve scientifically examining the research gaps within the aforementioned topics from an organisational development perspective and to conclude with a doctoral degree.

As a member of the InnoLab, he will be responsible for the development of concepts, products and services for organizational development and will advise MBC managers on national and international contexts.

Previously, Kahorongo undertook a trainership with Daimler AG Mercedes-Benz Cars in 2007 and 2011 while a student at the Polytechnic of Namibia.

Friday, September 15, 2017
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September, 2017

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