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Speakers and attendees pictured at the FNRHAS Research Day.

Showcasing research impact in Agriculture, Health and Applied Sciences

The Faculty of Health, Natural Resources and Applied Sciences (FHNRAS) recently held its first research day for the 2023 Academic Year, under the theme: Advancing Innovative and Human-Centric Research in Agriculture, Health, and Applied Sciences. The event brought together staff and students across the institution.

Dr Colin Stanley, the Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Partnerships, delivered the opening remarks, using the platform to place emphasis on innovation and research excellence as the drivers of growth and development of any nation. “At the forefront of these drivers is Industry 4.0, (also referred to as the 4th Industrial Revolution). However, the world is gradually edging towards Industry 5.0. This developmental revolution focuses on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data. Visualise an automated connectivity system that can provide you with information on causes of instrumental error, the optimal rate of reaction in chemical processes, faster resuscitation strategies of a patient and many more,” he said.

In his remarks, Dr Onesmus Shuungula, the FHNRAS Executive Dean said: "Without research, we would be ignorant and unaware, and we would not be able to propel humanity forward. Therefore, let us make it our mission to build generations of researchers”.

The academic presentations cut across a range of fields from geothermal energy, and agribusiness to nutrition, which was a reflection of the Faculty’s varied areas of expertise.

Professor Mark Holmes, a visiting Professor from the University of Cambridge, was the guest speaker and gave an engaging session that zeroed in on tracking infections using genome sequencing.

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