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Dr Itah Kandjii Murangi

NUST brings together global experts in emerging trends in networks and computer communications

This week, the Namibia University of Science and Technology was the epicentre of technological discourse as it hosted the much-anticipated International Conference on Emerging Trends in Networks and Computer Communications.


The event took place from 16-18 August 2023 at NUST’s High-Tech Transfer Plaza Select building where experts, researchers, and thought leaders from around the world delved into the transformative technologies shaping the digital future. Since technology is rapidly becoming an integral part of our daily lives and to various sectors, the conference aimed to highlight cutting-edge advancements in the realms of 5G Connectivity, Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and High-Performance Computing (HPC).

During her Opening Remarks, the Minister of Higher Education, Technology and Innovation, Dr Itah Kandjii Murangi, expressed her gratitude towards the initiative of the conference. “I trust that you will discuss future solutions for the design and application of high-performance computing (HPC), emerging and intelligent computing and communication, Internet of Things (IoT), automation and manufacturing, vehicle communication, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and cyber security, and so forth,” remarked the minister.

The IoT has sparked a revolution on how everyday objects and devices communicate and interact. By harnessing the power of the interconnected devices, Namibia will be able to enhance resource management, monitor environmental conditions, and develop sustainable solutions. Experts at the conference also discussed how HPC capabilities can accelerate scientific discoveries, drive economic growth, and provide solutions to complex challenges faced in Namibia.

Delivering the Keynote Address was Prof Manoj Choudhary, Vice-Chancellor of Gati Shakti Vishwavidyalaya (Central University) from India who commented that the arrival of 5G technology sparked a global revolution in the realm of connectivity. He elaborated that this kind of technology has the ability to transform industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation.


NUST also houses a unique relic at the India-Namibia Centre of Excellence in Information Technology, the the PARAM !ARUB, a HPC system that falls in line with NUST’s 2021-2025 strategic imperatives’ goal four of driving human-centric digital transformation for Industry 4.0 and beyond. PARAM means ‘ultimate’ in India’s Hindi language, while !ARUB means ‘cheetah’ in Namibia’s Khoekhoe language. Thus, it was coined as such, because of its unparalleled speed, just like the cheetah. “The PARAM !ARUB offers ready-to-use super-computing facilities based on edge computing and artificial intelligence technologies hardware resources. This provides a support research tool for analysis, design and development,” said Waldo Junius, the Acting Director of the Namibia National Commission for the UNESCO Secretariat.

Overall, the Conference served as a platform for sharing insights, dissecting and planning the utility of emerging technologies.