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From left to right: Kaulyaalalwa Peter, Isaac Makosa, Selma Auala, Jason Mendes, Francineth Bauleth and Lemuel Mayinoti at the AAU Create building.

Six students arrive in Denmark

The beneficiaries of the Erasmus Plus Programme are Jason Mendes, Lemuel Mayinoti, Isaac Makosa, Kaulyaalalwa Peter, Selma Auala are from the Faculty of Computing and Informatics, majoring in Software Engineering, and Francineth Bauleth pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Media Technology.

It is not common that students can utilise technological advancements to carry out their creative dreams. However, these aspiring creative technologists are participating in the Medialogy programme offered at AAU that deals with projects that yield immersive digital experiences to broaden their horizons in the field of game development, virtual realities and artificial intelligence, amongst other emerging technologies.

The exchange students plan to make the most of their time while they are in Denmark and fully immerse themselves in the Danish culture while getting accustomed to the cold and humid weather.