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Faculty of Health, Natural Resources and Applied Sciences


Department of Health Sciences


The programme further equips students with cognitive and intellectual skills, key transferable skills and professional, technical and practical skills that would enable them to apply principles and techniques in the routine and specialised analysis of biological specimens and other substances. Students will also be capacitated to organise laboratory operations in clinical diagnostic laboratories in accordance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). Students will be able to integrate laboratory tests and results with pathophysiological conditions and conduct supervised research based on sound scientific principles.

Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting the University’s minimum admission requirements as outlined in the general rules, candidates must have a total of 18 points on the evaluation scale for Physical Science, Mathematics and Biology, in a combination of symbols on NSSC Higher or Ordinary Level or both. No symbol for any one or more of the subjects may be lower than a C on Ordinary Level or a 4 on Higher Level. Candidates must further have obtained at least a D on Ordinary Level for English.

The Head of Department or his/her nominee may admit candidates who do not have the required minimum symbol for one of the above subjects, provided that such candidates have very strong symbols for the other two subjects and that the total point score for the three subjects is not lower than 18.

Students who meet the above admission requirements will be subjected to a selection process using ranking of results for Biology, Physical Science and Mathematics.

Course Code


Level of Programme


Modes of Study

Full Time