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Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment


Department of Geo-Spatial Sciences and Technology


The Bachelor of Geoinformation Technology Honours is an initial postgraduate specialisation degree, designed for registration at NQF level 8. This programme builds on the outcomes of the Bachelor of Geoinformation Technology and aims at consolidating and deepening the knowledge and skills of students in the main cognate area of learning, as well as developing their capacity to conduct research of an applied nature.

Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted to this programme, candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree in Geoinformation Technology from NUST, or an equivalent qualification at NQF Level 7 from a recognised institution, worth at least 360 NQF credits, in both cases with a minimum average of 60% in the core courses at exit level. Exceptions may be approved by the Departmental Board, and all admissions are at the discretion of the Departmental Board. Holders of other qualifications with GIS and/or Remote Sensing component(s) may be considered for admission and will be required to register for specific courses to make-up for the deficiency in their undergraduate programmes.

Applicants may be required to attend a pre-selection interview and/or test at the discretion of the Department. Applicants from other institutions must submit detailed information on all courses in their previous qualifications, as well as contact details of three references. The latter also applies to applicants who have been working in the field subsequent to obtaining their previous qualifications. Students with a background in a research methodology course at NQF Level 8 or above will be entitled to exemption/ credit recognition in those cases where a research proposal related to GIT was part of the assessment criteria and the submission of a research proposal was required.

Course Code


Level of Programme


Modes of Study

Full Time