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Department of Human Capital

The Department of Human Capital is committed to supporting the Namibia University of Science and Technology's Mission, Vision, Values and strategic objectives. 

Ms Riëtte Duvenhage

Human Capital  / 


To become a dynamic and innovative partner by providing leading HR services through transparency and consistency.


As a strategic partner, we develop and deliver quality and innovative HR services to attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce within a supportive working environment.

Email us at:

Human Resources Secretary: Ms Anneley de Waal (+264) 61 207 2255

Senior Recruitment Officer: Ms Theophilia Shilongo (+264) 61 207 2078

Anneley De Waal Secretary 207 2255
Kenneth Wadi IT Specialist  
Vivette Rittmann Change and Culture Analyst  

Values of Human Capital  / 



  • we commit to quality services and activities


  • we value, respect, ethics


  • we inculate a culture of collaboration


  • we value openness in all processes and engagements


  • we value openness in all processes and engagements


  • we value openness in all processes and engagements

As The University Community’s Strategic Partner, We Offer Exemplary Service And Implement Innovative Solutions That Enable The University To Attract, Develop, Retain And Reward A Diverse, Competent Workforce And Empower Employees To Maximize Their Potential To Ensure The Institution's Continued Growth.  This Is Accomplished Through The Efforts Of A Dedicated And Diverse Group Of HR Professionals In Four (4) Divisions, Namely; Recruitment, HR Operations, Employee Relations And Organisational Development & Learning.



Human Resources Secretary: Ms Anneley de Waal (+264) 61 207 2255
Senior Recruitment Officer: Ms Theophilia Shilongo (+264) 61 207 2078


The Talent Acquisition and Renumeration Division aims to support the University’s strategy and transformation plan by recruiting and selecting faculty of the highest calibre to meet and achieve the University’s operational needs and strategic objectives.

The Talent Acquisition and Renumeration Division commits to:

  • Meeting immediate and future staffing needs; 
  • Building organisational capabilities; 
  • Enhancing the university’s competitive advantage through talent acquisition;
  • Increasing productivity through high performing staff;
  • Becoming an employer of choice; and
  • Reducing poor performance owing to poor job fit/placement.



  • Human Resources Planning: Forecast the human resources needs of the University.
  • Recruitment: Attract and select talented individuals the required knowledge, skills and abilities within the organization and externally for job vacancies and ensuring that appointments take place in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Selection: Identifying appointable candidates by diligently reviewing all applications, shortlisting candidates, interviewing, and subjecting them to relevant competency based assessment tests.
  • Remuneration: Determining and offering market related salaries commensurate to the position in line with the remuneration policy.
  • Job Evaluation: Ensure that all jobs within the institution are evaluated, using an objective and reliable job grading system.
  • Work Permits and Visa’s: Oversee and ensure that all Non-Namibians have valid work permits or work visas before they assume employment at the University.
  • Relocation: Oversee the smooth relocation of employees recruited outside Windhoek and the borders of Namibia.


Talent Acquisition and Renumeration

Mr Immanuel Atanasiu Acting Manager
Ms Theophilia Shilongo Senior HR Business Partner
Ms Magdalena Nghiiki HR Business Partner
Ms Jean Kazimbu Assistant HR Business Partner
Ms Ingrid Jossop Administrative Officer: Work Permits




The HR Operations division aims to support the University’s strategy and transformation plan by overseeing the seamless running of all HR operations at the University, with respect to: staff attendance and leave management, benefits administration management, HR systems maintenance and development. The division also serves as a strategic partner applying HR analytical techniques to diagnose HR related problems to assist management in making informed people management decisions to bolster performance excellence, employee productivity and workplace happiness. In addition, the division aims to ensure compliance with set practices, guidelines and applicable national legislation.


  • Human resource policy administration and implementation: Ensure that HR policies are well aligned to the University’s operations and accommodate changing needs and priorities of the institution. Establishing further guidelines and processes across the institution to ensure effective and efficient HR operations and one that ensures that provision of information, where required, on employment standards and legislation, such as employee compensation, labour standards, and other relevant legislations. 
  • Administration of benefits and compensation: Oversee and ensure that all tasks necessary to organize the compensation of employees are efficiently managed and benefits are administered correctly. 
  • Staff attendance and leave management: Maintain an effective and efficient ITS system which allows for the daily monitoring of staff attendance and addressing causes of staff absences. 
  • HR systems development: Serve as custodian of the HR information system framework that aims to narrate all support services to staff and provide efficient, cost-effective and high-quality HR service delivery, while ensuring consistency based on corporate policy, process and system standards.
  • Employee wellness: Introduce strategies to build awareness of health and employee well-being issues to address issues of work life balance approaches, financial health, stress etc.


HR Operations

Ms Rolanda Lyners Manager
Mr Immanuel Atansiu Senior HR Officer Operations
Ms Elzene Van Wyk HR Business Partner
Ms Iris Kamberipa HR Business Partner
Ms Brumelda Kake HR Business Partner
Mr Victor Muyoba HR Business Partner
Ms Maryna Nowases Assistant HR Officer
Ms Margaret Swartz Staff Records Officer



The Employee Relations (ER) division aims to support the University’s strategy and transformation plan by promoting a sound relationship between management, employees and employee interest groups/Union. In addition, the division aims to facilitate effective and meaningful negotiations between management and employee representatives.


  • Maintain good relations between the employer and employee: Provide guidance to management and staff on labour disputes, monitor trends in employment practices and advise on proactive action, conduct surveys and exit interviews to identify challenges and present solutions. In addition, review policies and develop procedures to ensure compliance with good labour practices.
  • Resolving employee complaints: Investigate and resolve employees’ complaints and provide guidance to management and staff on disputes/ grievances. 
  • Discipline of staff members: Conduct disciplinary investigations relating to misconduct and advise management and staff on disciplinary cases by ensuring that the correct disciplinary procedures are followed. 
  • Dispute resolution: Act as management representative at discussions with Unions, meet and assist with negotiations with Unions on salaries, conditions of service and labour disputes. Advise and develop proper procedures for negotiation and industrial action. Ensure the implementation of the Recognition Agreement and ensure compliance with the Labour Act. 
  • Employment Equity: Ensure compliance with the Affirmative Action Act, compile annual Affirmative Action reports and supervise the implementation of Affirmative Action at the NUST.


Employee Relations

Mr Cathbert Manyando Manager: Employee Relations
Janne Siseho Assistant Employee Relations Officer


The Organisational Development and Learning (OD & L) division aims to support the University’s strategy and transformation plan by providing learning and development services and directing these efforts towards the enhancement of individual and organisational performance, by influencing behaviour, improving capabilities and aligning processes at all levels across the University. The division takes a lead role in the design and delivery of people and organisational development strategies and interventions to augment performance excellence in an organisation undergoing structural and cultural change. In addition, the division provides professional advice on change management and organisational design.


  • Organisational effectiveness: Undertake internal diagnostics, process evaluations and systems reviews with the aim of identifying gaps/ process weaknesses in the organization (including HR Processes). 
  • Capacity building and staff development: Tap into conventional succession planning, capacity building, performance and talent management techniques to develop strategies and a systematic road-map for nurturing & developing employees to meet current and future institutional goals and preparing a pipeline of competent individuals across the academic and administrative mix. 
  • Organisational structural maintenance, job analysis and design: Provide advisory services on organizational structure design and lead redesign efforts to ensure the realization of intended business objectives and ensuring job description alignment to strategy so to allow for the optimal utilization of human resources capabilities. 
  • Induction & probation management: Ensure the seamless integration of new recruits into the University community and manage the probation process to ensure that new employees are within a reasonable period of time, able to gain a full understanding of the requirements of their roles and to achieve a satisfactory level of performance. 
  • Performance management: Oversee the design and roll out of an integrated performance management system that aligns the university’s human resource capacity to the overall vision, mission and strategic goals of the University to facilitate performance excellence and employee effectiveness.


Organisational Development and Learning

Mr Russel Camm Acting Senior Human Resources Business Partner