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Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment


Department of Architecture, Planning and Construction


The Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) programme is designed for registration at NQF level 9. The programme equips students with the knowledge and skills required to carry out independent research, planning and design of architectural landscapes, and thereby enabling graduates to practice as professional Landscape Architects.

Graduates of this programme will be able to contribute significantly to national economic development as Landscape Architects and Environmental Planners in private and public sector, including tertiary/training institutions, research organisations, financial institutions, environmental consultancies, property development agencies and construction companies.

Admission Requirements

Applicants holding a B. Arch. Honours degree, obtained from the University or any other recognised institutions, or holders of an equivalent 4-year qualification in Architecture, Urban Design, Landscape Technology/Studies, at NQF level 8 worth 480 credits of a recognised Tertiary Education Institution are eligible for admission for the MLA Programme.

Qualifications from other institutions will be evaluated by the Departmental Postgraduate Selection Committee to determine equivalence in terms of core competencies, acceptable to the Department.

The admission of students will be by means of an interview with the Postgraduate Selection Committee, during which candidates will be required to present a portfolio of work, which might include work from previous studies as well as industry work.

Candidates without formal design training will be expected to demonstrate acceptable level of interest and aptitude for design and creativity

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Modes of Study

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