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Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment


Department of Geo-Spatial Sciences and Technology


The main aim of the Bachelor of Geomatics Honours programme is to equip graduates with high level knowledge and skills in the acquisition, processing, presentation, and management of geospatial data. Graduates from this programme will be eligible to apply for registration as professional land surveyors, subject to conditions as prescribed by the Namibian Council for Professional Land Surveyors, Technical Surveyors and Survey Technicians (SURCON).

Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted to this programme, applicants must have a Bachelor of Geomatics degree from NUST, or an equivalent qualification from a recognised institution, with an average mark of at least 60% for the following (or equivalent) courses: Engineering Mathematics 2, Surveying 4, Geodesy, and Geographic Information System 3.

Holders of a Bachelor of Science in Geomatics from the Polytechnic of Namibia may be admitted into this Honours programme but will have to pass the additional course Engineering Mathematics 2 before they can register for the Honours programme.

Holders of the old NUST Bachelor of Geomatics (phasing out end of 2022), Bachelor of Science in Geomatics, or equivalent qualification from other recognised institutions that did not include Geodesy as a course at an undergraduate level, may be admitted into this programme. Applicants in these categories will be required to register for the out-phasing Geodetic Surveying (GDS811S) course instead of Environmental Remote Sensing (ERS810S), if they wish to be eligible for registration with SURCON as Professional Land Surveyor on successful completion of the Honours programme.

Applicants may be required to pass a pre-selection interview and/or test at the discretion of the Department. All admissions are at the discretion of the Department. Exceptions may be approved by the Department.

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Modes of Study

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