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Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment


Department of Mechanical, Industrial and Electrical Engineering


This programme demands a high level of theoretical engagement and intellectual independence and aims to foster deepened, comprehensive and systematic expertise in the major subject/cognate areas of learning. Through this programme, students will be equipped with cognitive and intellectual skills, key transferable skills, and professional/technical/practical skills that would enable them to demonstrate in-depth understanding of the principles of mechanical engineering. Students will be capacitated with the knowledge to design and manufacture engineering systems.

Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting the University’s General Admission Requirements as spelt out in the general rules, candidates must have at least 37 points on the Engineering Evaluation Scale in Mathematics and Physical Science, with a minimum 3 symbol in Mathematics and Physics or Physical Science, Plus any three other subjects using a combination of NSSCH and NSSCO. Only symbols on NSSC Higher level will be considered for Mathematics, Physics or Physical Science. A minimum of 21 points on the Engineering evaluation scale for any three other subjects using a combination of NSSCH and NSSCO. A minimum NSSC Ordinary level D symbol in English is required.

OR Candidates must have successfully completed the Introduction to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (InSTEM) programme offered at the Namibia University of Science and Technology with at least 60 % average in each of the following courses: Introduction to Mathematics A and B, Introduction to Physics A and B and at least 50 % in Introduction to Chemistry A and B. However, a score of 60 % in the above courses will not guarantee automatic entry into the programmes as selection will be based on merit.

Course Code


Level of Programme


Modes of Study

Full Time