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Joram Shifa


Motivational Speaker

Joram Shifa is a human resources administrative intern by profession, who works at Erongo Marine. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in 2014. Soon thereafter, he obtained his Honours Degree in Marketing in 2019.  “My time at NUST allowed me to focus on my leadership skills which I polished during my term as the Vice President of the NUST-ED society” he said. He remembers how his Business Simulation class was indeed an eye opener. “It has capacitated my ability to innovate”, he said.  As a NUST Drama Club actor and mobiliser, his creativity was showcased by a performance at the National Theatre of Namibia in September 2014 on Gender Based Violence.

Joram urges young people to lead the pursuit of finding solutions of society’s shortcomings and he is a practising Afroptimist (a firm believer in the future and potential of the African continent), whose passion is to work towards the realising of the economic integration of Africa on a global scale.